TVS SCS Values and Culture

We are a vibrant, diverse team of approximately 18,000 people addressing the supply chain challenges for international organisations, government departments, large and medium-sized businesses, across various sectors. 

Our core values are TRUST, VALUE, SERVICE & INNOVATION. We always act with integrity and respect human values. We have ambitions and a clear code of ethics on how to achieve them. These values guide us in all our endeavours, including the way we work every day and our approach with employees, customer, partners and our larger responsibility as global corporate citizen. 

What makes working with TVS SCS a unique experience?

  • Realise your potential with a Global Supply Chain Solutions partner: With the spirit of TVS SCS Cultural Tenets – Believe in the Power of us, there are no limits to what we can achieve together. We are collaborative in our engagement, innovative in our approach while improving our client’s business performance through the accelerated deployment of cutting edge supply chain solutions.
  • Work with a Vision: Our vision is to be our customers preferred end to end supply chain partner and collaborator in growth. Whatever is your role at TVS SCS, you can be sure you are helping to create value & build an enduring relationship with our customers.
  • Inspire Others: We inspire others by solving some of the most challenging problems faced by our customers; you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, expand your horizons, learn and grow in your professional career. 
  • Be a Technology Pioneer: For us to sustain our innovative edge, we are constantly looking for people who are at the forefront of their professions and have a passion for the application of the latest technologies.
  • Think & Act Global: We have brought together around 18,000 people who collaborate across more than 50 countries around the world. We value our inclusive culture and believe that looking at challenges from diverse perspectives is key to our success.
  • Take Leadership: We encourage leadership at all levels, empowering our employees to take the initiative, execute ideas & drive results.

Together we make it happen!


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Meet Our People

“I am proud to be a part of a team where teamwork, collaboration and innovation are the focus of every customer.” 

Jennifer Beebe

Global Business Development Executive, TVS SCS – North America

TVS SCS invests in the personal growth and development of its employees and is dedicated to the success of its customers and partners. My 6-year journey at SCS has challenged me professionally and provided several opportunities to experiment with different roles and contribute to the success of the organization.” 

Shai Lena Muthana

General Manager - Technology Logistics, TVS SCS- India

Having been in the logistics industry for over 35 years of my professional life, I have been able to utilise what I’ve also learned to improve aspects of my personal life.

As a professional working in the creative space, I was pleasantly surprised that the international transport and logistics industry could offer so much variety and dynamism – every day brings a brand new, exciting challenge. 

Albert Verdós

Marketing Manager – Spain

“The opportunity to work with cross-functional TVS teams to deliver project requirements for internal and external stakeholders has been a great experience. 

Anasur Rahman

Business Solutions Graduate, TVS SCS UK

“My team and I are proud to provide our customer with the very best service that we can give 24/7, 365”.  

Rachael Bramhall

Supply Chain Team Leader, TVS SCS UK

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Diversity and Inclusion

TVS SCS is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. Thanks to our deep roots in many different countries and cultures, diversity has been part of our DNA from the beginning. We define diversity as individuality. This includes attributes beyond gender identity or expressions like age, colour, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, language, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, education, and other characteristics. The company’s commitment to diversity is intended to create a working environment that allows all individuals to attain their full potential.
We have an inclusive culture where all individuals' contributions are valued; their voices are respected and heard. This inclusive culture enriches our creativity, innovation, and problem-solving abilities, thereby strengthening our customer impact. Our commitment to inclusive culture is embedded in our company’s history and daily practices.
We are an equal opportunity employer and we consistently enhance our policies, and practices to foster diversity and inclusion.
Gender equality is a business imperative of our organisation visibly led by the ‘top leadership,’ acting as role models. We have two women Directors on the Board of TVS SCS. Approximately 17% of senior management leaders are women. We are always striving to deepen this commitment and increase the percentage of women in the organisation across levels.

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