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Air shipping refers to the movement and dispatch of goods via an air carrier, such as on a commercial flight or part of a charter flight. Freight by air is a premium service, whose costs are balanced by its benefits – it is one of the swiftest methods of global freight movement.

Whether it’s an urgent air shipment or general air freight shipping needs, we will deliver for you. Our experience in moving even the most delicate and precise of freight means your goods are in safe hands.

Meet your air shipping needs with TVS SCS

If you are looking for options in air shipping logistics, TVS SCS has the services and solutions to meet your needs. For consignments that are time-sensitive, our Priority Airfreight services are ready to help you meet deadlines. If you are not seeking expedited air logistic shipping services, but still wish to take advantage of the security and speed when choosing to be shipped by air, then consider our Consolidated Airfreight capabilities.

TVS SCS are members of IATA (International Air Transport Association), which grants us access and ease of doing business with major reputable airline carriers. It is also a recognition of our compliance with licensing and regulation requirements and professionalism in the industry.

Benefits of choosing air shipping services

  • Speed: Quicker global coverage and delivery than other logistic shipping modes.
  • Service urgency: Optimum choice for goods with limited shelf life or requiring special standards of protection or acclimation.
  • Worldwide reach: Global coverage unencumbered by land barriers or sea.  
  • Secure: Shipping by air is protected by the stringent safety regulations of the airline industry for passenger and airplane cargo safety. 
  • Quicker transit: Air forwarding enjoys efficient customs inspection and clearance followed by reduced need for warehousing, saving costs.
  • Low insurance premium: Shorter air cargo shipping and transit duration translates to lower insurance premium and results in high savings. 
  • Dependable: Air freight shipping works on a fixed schedule with reliable arrival and departure times that are only affected by extreme circumstances. 
  • Less packaging: Air forwarding requires less heavy packaging, saving both time and money. 
  • Easy tracking: Air cargo shipping can be tracked 24/7 until from origin to destination. 

We deliver on our promises so that you deliver on yours. Our airfreight experts around the global network are dedicated to ensuring your goods arrive on time and at a reasonable cost.

Peace of mind logistics – TVS SCS airfreight

We provide customised solutions to many industry sectors including automotive; beverage; eCommerce; healthcare; telecommunications; FMCG and more. Our expert air forwarding teams located in key shipping logistics hubs in some of the major global airports are committed to ensure your time-critical deliveries arrive at your destination safely, securely, and most importantly, on time. 

TVS SCS provides 24/7 end-to-end visibility of your air freight movements via our integrated, online IT platform eConnect

Your dedicated customer representative will work with you to handle your freight’s movements from origin to destination, including handling all logistics needs in between – including customs brokerage, warehousing and storage, intermodal and multimodal road transport, and more.

With teams in key locations across our global network, we offer agile, multimodal solutions to fit all timelines and budgets.


We have 45 dedicated freight forwarding offices in 15 countries, and work with trusted and reliable agents across the world to deliver global air and ocean logistics shipping and management capabilities.

An air shipping company such as TVS SCS will provide the exporter or importer with booking information and an Air Waybill via email. This can be used to track the movement of an air shipment from pickup to delivery. For our customers’ convenience, TVS SCS, through our integrated IT platform and global track and trace e-Connect, provides full shipments status visibility with a user-friendly design. From pickup at origin to delivery at the destination you can track the movements of your goods step by step 24/7.

The price depends on the distance to and from the nearest airport and the exact dimensions and weight of the airplane cargo. Space availability and time urgency also plays a factor. Please get in touch with us for quote to move your freight by air.

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