The unique digital power ofAI and ML

TVS SCS utilises this distinctive technology to make the supply chain management consistently smarter by combining cognitive intelligence with insightful algorithms that leads to supreme operational efficiency and helps customers to satisfy new age needs. That’s the staunch belief of TVS SCS for a future-proof supply chain management.

It aims to reinvent your business models and upgrades the end-customer experience by utilising our unrivalled technological capability.


  • Our cognitive capture - solution enables organisations to go beyond the limits of traditional capture. ​
  • Automation - combines advanced imaging, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine-learning technologies to automatically classify and extract information from complex and variable documents in real-time.
  • Analysing the content - to understand both the information and context and determine the appropriate response.
  • Strategically planned - business model assists during critical scenarios.
  • Saving time and money - helps in cost-savings and accelerates processing. This establishes a comprehensive system, which is global in nature and utilises modern technology to capture and analyse new sources of invoice information that will transform the current reactive system into a more proactive risk-benefit management system. ​
  • Agile - promotes early user buy-in and business agility. ​AI technology will help the operation and finance team to reduce the efforts and spend for safety case processing, thus freeing resources to focus on proactively managing risks.



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