As the supply chain transitions itself towards digital, newly emerging technologies are considered a boon for its advancement. TVS SCS transportation management system efficiently uses a combination of contracted vehicles and market vehicles procured from the market place with the help of online bidding platform.

The platform has a rich repository of Load Providers and Load Seekers, and the bidding platform enables us to get the best resource from the market for trucks and couriers.  The entire documentation for compliance, operational transactions, tracking and financial transactions are integrated seamlessly to enable a completely digital supply chain for our first mile, linehaul and last-mile customers.


  • Integrated - The system gets loads (indents) from customers through the portal, apps, customer phone calls or through Sales Managers.
  • Innovative - These Indents are then broadcasted to all the vehicle providers through messages or through the mobile applications.
  • Multi-use - The system also acts as a bidding platform where the vehicle providers bid through a call between the VBA and the Vehicle Provider.
  • Cost Effective - The VBA’s take the negotiated rate and record it for the particular indent with respect to the vehicle provider.
  • Automated - The Last Mile delivery system can capture various time events, various drivers, track the current location of the vehicle, and also can capture digital signatures and create a Proof of Delivery (POD) for every shipment.

Adding Value to the customer

  • A centralised system to handle the complete indent process from pre-transaction to transaction level.
  • Digital document flow, thereby, greatly minimising the delay in the whole process.
  • Competitive rates in the market for each trip.
  • Advance payments and digital POD ensure ease of payment.
  • The real-time visibility on vehicle ETA adherence and transparency brought in by the system.



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