Our experience in the Rail sector at a glance

TVS SCS sees the desire for the Rail sector to begin exploring a move to outsourcing their supply chain and operational requirements. Our expertise in transforming your supply chain will see us manage high-level strategic items and suppliers to improve the safety, performance, availability and reliability of the items supplied.

TVS SCS’ solutions will enable the Rail sector to focus on and enhance the customer experience. We can manage parts and consumables, have an input into the supplier relationships and contribute to finding solutions to problems and issues.

We offer our clients a wide range of solutions that are tailor-made to meet exacting requirements. Our innovation, capabilities, reputation and performance allow us to transform supply chains, and our ability to continually improve our service offering throughout the life of a contract is what our clients have come to expect. We deliver our solutions in the rail sector across Infrastructure, signalling, Rolling Stock and maintenance support.

We take a combination of our experience operating in other sectors and apply expert knowledge to our approach to the Rail sector.

We want to be the partner of choice for the supply chain requirements in the Rail sector.

The key to our offering is our ability to manage inventory, ensuring the highest availability while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. Alongside this, we provide best in class procurement solutions for our client’s spare parts and across a wide range of other core categories including; workshop spares, PPE & clothing, fuels & lubricants, tools, safety-critical parts, general engineering hardware and a wide range of specialist rail products.

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    Drone & AI Technology

    At TVS SCS, we are proactively looking for ways to innovate and save time and money whilst improving the efficiency of operations. We are currently developing Drone Technology. This technology will be used to help count warehouse inventory which otherwise would take a substantial amount of time to carry out manually on a scissor lift. This technology gives our clients a full, real-time look of the stock held in their warehouse locations. We then use AI to match the location count to the counts on our systems to check for anomalies.

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    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    New product approval

    Whether it’s due to cost or function, we know that there is a risk associated with onboarding new products. That’s why at TVS SCS, we mitigate that risk through our new product approval process. This sees us inspecting the product in question for quality and safety, ensuring it will perform as it should. Our ISO9001 Quality Accreditation underpins our processes.

    Obsolescence Management

    We proactively conduct obsolescence monitoring and management with processes that are regularly updated, identifying parts that are considered at risk of obsolescence and identifying the prioritised actions required to mitigate such a risk.

    E-Commerce Solution

    We have been developing, refining and enhancing our E-commerce solution for our clients for over 30 years. Recently we released a public version of this solution for our beverage customers to take advantage of for the ordering of commonly consumed and required parts in their industry.

    We have recognised the opportunity to bring such a solution to the Rail sector. This means that Customers in the Rail sector can take advantage of our well-developed, intuitive E-commerce platform for the ordering of their everyday consumables.

    Manufacturing Support

    TVS SCS provide world-class manufacturing support services to many clients across our sectors to improve efficiency, productivity and supply chain visibility through real-time transactional data. The services within manufacturing support we provide for the Rail sector are:

    Kitting: Logically grouping products that are used for the same assembly process. This eliminates the need to order multiple parts for one job. The products can be ordered in a kit which improves efficiency.

    Sub-Assembly: We sub-assemble certain products or parts that are being used for a more significant project. This helps improve engineer efficiency as parts come sub-assembled.

    Just-in-time: We understand things are needed on sites at the time of implementation. That is why we provide a just-in-time delivery service to ensure your part arrives when you need it.

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    We solve many of the problems posed by the Rail sector in the supply chain. Typically we find that companies require change due to processes being vastly outdated or systems not being able to handle the amount of data being inputted. Often there is a need for inventory and procurement management to be improved to help reduce costs and encourage efficiency.

    We can provide a fully integrated software solution to complement the supply chain, which will be able to handle the needs and requirements of the customer’s data giving them visibility and control of their supply chain. We can supply business intelligence through our reporting software, giving you the ability to create custom dashboards to extrapolate the data that key stakeholders can monitor.

    Our solutions can help solve the supply chain challenges in the Rail sector using our tailored approach to provide maximum value.

    Our full suite of supply chain solutions is offered to the Rail sector. We are now seeing a bigger appetite for Rail companies to look out outsourcing their supply chains so that they can focus on their primary competency and maximise the value they can provide their customers.

    TVS SCS can be the partner of choice working in the background to ensure the service levels you achieve are maintained and supported by our knowledge and expertise on the optimal supply chain management solution.

    If you are exploring outsourcing as an option, you can get in touch with us using the form below. One of our experts will be in touch with you to discuss the issues you are facing and start to look at what we can offer to help you get your business to where it needs to be.

    If you don’t want to look at a full outsourced solution, we offer a consultancy service whereby we can give you our expert advice on areas of your supply chain you may need to build on. To view our consultancy services please click here.

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