Streamline Engineered sequencing & kitting solutionsutilising industry-leading error-proofing techniques supply chain.

In today’s marketplace, manufacturers are pushed to accelerate production times and maintain the delivery of high-quality products, while also optimising cost throughout their supply chains. That is why we provide sequencing and kitting solutions as part of our manufacturing support services to assist our customers in optimising and transforming their supply chains. As the world becomes more digitalised, customers are continuously pushing for more customised products, leading manufacturers to add more and more variations to their assembly lines.

Our value offering in providing these services is that TVS SCS has been designing, implementing, and managing sequencing and kitting operations for over 40 years in high and low volume environments across industries such as Automotive, Industrial, and Beverage. With a continuous push for excellence, TVS SCS can offer top of the line sequencing and kitting solutions for our customers, allowing them to take their minds off the supply chain and focus on what they know best, manufacturing. Our scalable solutions are designed to be flexible to adapt to the ever-changing manufacturing environment.

Every solution delivered by our team is customised by TVS SCS’s solution design engineers to align with each customer’s specific requirements. Each process begins with a detailed brainstorming and discovery phase with the customer to understand their current operations and desired outcomes. Utilising the information derived from the brainstorming session solution, engineers then perform the appropriate engineering studies to collect and analyse operational data to determine the customer’s best possible solution.

One of the critical aspects of any TVS SCS solution is the meticulous focus on quality solutions. To do this, solution engineers incorporate various error-proofing technologies and techniques to prevent defects where possible and detect any defects if they do happen.

Our capabilities include:

  • Total control of the sequencing processes
  • Cradle to grave part serialisation
  • Receive process, and verify OEM demand
  • Poka-yoke rack and trailer loading pattern
  • Auto organise demand into loads/racks
  • Scan validate correct commodities
  • Integrated torque reporting
  • Partial rack configuration
  • Full process validation
  • Generate Advanced Ship Notice information

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    How will an innovative sequencing & kitting solution benefit my supply chain?

    • Proficient - Optimise space utilisation throughout your facility.
    • Efficient - Minimise wasted time in the production process.
    • Optimisation - Reduction in stored inventory required by the logistics provider or the manufacturer.
    • Productivity - Increase efficiency and productivity by having parts prepared for assembly.
    • Profit - Optimise profitability with increased throughput.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning


    Sequencing parts in a manufacturing environment is the process of the OEM informing the supplier, usually through integrated systems, of what parts and what order they need the parts during their manufacturing process. The supplier is then responsible for organising (sequencing) the parts in the exact order that the OEM demands and delivering them on time.

    Kitting is the process of bundling or packaging individual parts that are similar or will be used together and then delivering them to the OEM. This allows the OEM to devote more space on the floor to production as this process typically occurs in a nearby warehouse.

    A sequencing and kitting solution are typically completed in a nearby warehouse allowing the manufacturer to devote more floor space to production. Doing this improves efficiency and productivity, leading to reduced labor costs for the manufacturer.


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