Experts in improving operational performance withoptimised equipment and labour utilisation

A key aspect in a seamless supply chain operation is ensuring an optimised flow of products throughout our client’s warehouse from receiving to shipping. With an efficient and uninterrupted product flow throughout the warehouse, customers can realise various value-added benefits in their supply chain from increased profit-per-unit, reduced material handling costs, and improved safety for warehouse employees. The utilisation of equipment and labour plays a crucial role in achieving and maintaining a solution with optimal performance.

TVS SCS’s engineering center specialises in designing, implementing, and maintaining solutions for current and future operations, focusing on operational performance. Each custom TVS SCS solution is developed from a robust data-driven analysis, based on each customer’s specific requirements and KPIs, performed by our team of experienced engineering, operational, and quality experts.

Method-Time Measurement specialists complete a full analysis of the data provided, to conduct labour-management studies focused on measuring, tracking, and reporting the customer’s labour and production output. The raw operational data can be shared by the customer or collected during a walkthrough of the customers’ operations by our Method-Time Measurement specialists.

Measuring and analysing the equipment and labor utilisation data allows our engineers to discover, prioritise, and provide detailed project plans to optimise any issues or inefficiencies in the operational solutions. With a full analysis of the raw inputs, our engineers can produce solid labour models to bring transparency to headcount and labour cost impact on the floor. As a result, our customers can develop strategic and data-driven decisions for future production plans, removing uncertainties, and improving productivity in their operations.

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    What is the impact of optimized labor and equipment utilization?

    • Profit - Increased profit-per-unit by streamlining the flow of material to the manufacturer
    • Throughput - Improve throughput on the assembly line
    • Costs - Reduce material handling costs with improved utilisation of equipment and labour
    • Safety - Minimise safety risks with reduced forklift traffic and congestion

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    Equipment and labour utilisation typically begin with Method-Time Measurement specialists completing labour-management studies to measure, track, and report the customer’s labour and production output. From this data, our engineers can design and implement efficient layouts and processes to optimise equipment and labour utilisation.

    At the start of each equipment and labour utilisation project, our Method-Time Measurement specialists complete labour-management studies to measure, track, and report the customer’s labour and production output. Measuring and analysing equipment and labour utilisation data allows our engineering team to discover, prioritise and develop solutions for inefficient processes within the supply chain.

    When designed and implemented correctly, the customer can realise the following benefits by optimising their equipment and labour utilisation: Increased profit per unit, increased throughput, reduced material handling costs, and increased safety due to less forklift congestion and traffic.


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