Engineered value-add assembly solutionsutilising industry leading error-proofing techniques.

Robotic Assembly: With a consistent focus on innovative solutions, our controls engineers design and implement cutting-edge collaborative working environments between robotics & material handlers to better suit our customers’ requirements. With precisely programmed robotics, & paddle fixtures with sensor technology, we ensure that the parts are assembled in the same location every time. Focusing on total customer satisfaction, TVS SCS is committed to providing the repeatability that our customer requires.

Error Proofing Techniques: Utilising industry-leading Poka-Yoke techniques, TVS SCS can maintain high-quality standards by avoiding or detecting errors before they have any negative impact. We implement innovative pick-to-light and PLC systems to provide visual communication to the operator of the various parts needed to be picked for an assembly. With manual and automated visual inspection, TVS SCS ensures that the correct parts are assembled in the right order and in the right position every time.

Common Poka-Yoke techniques implemented include:

  • Pick-to-Light
  • Put-to-Light
  • Vision Picking
  • Vision Inspection
  • Voice Picking
  • Torque Control

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    What are the benefits of a custom-tailored Value Add Assembly solution?

    • Efficient - Increased Manufacturing Efficiency.
    • Cost Saving - Reduction in capital investment.
    • Productive - Elimination of time in the production process.
    • Agile - Reduced labour cost.
    • Reliability - Increased consistency.
    • Proficient - Innovative and custom-tailored error proofing technique.

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    Value add assembly is the process of assembling individual parts before they reach the assembly line. This can be completed by an outsourced logistics provider in a separate warehouse or in a different area within the same warehouse. The purpose of implementing a value-added assembly solution is to create a more efficient manufacturing process by assembling parts before they enter the assembly line.

    Value add assembly services are important as they allow the manufacturer to optimise their operations by increasing throughput and minimising quality issues. A value-add assembly solution allows the customer to optimise space on their assembly line, reduce costs associated with quality issues, increase manufacturing efficiency, and reduce capital investment.

    Typically, in a value-add assembly process, the components or parts are produced by two different suppliers but are assembled together in the manufacturer’s final product. For example, a boat manufacturer may source a boat engine from Supplier A and the mounting bracket for the engine from Supplier B. Both components would be shipped to one logistics provider who would complete a value-add assembly by: 1). Unpacking the components. 2). Assembling the two together. 3). Repack per customers requirements. 4). Ship to assemble product to the boat manufacturer. This product is now ready to be installed on boat, saving the boat manufacturer from having to complete this step during their manufacturing process.



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