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TVS SCS’ Aftermarket Support Solutions fully address the end-to-end needs of our clients. TVS SCS offers bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. These solutions provide a scalable and cost-effective way of managing your aftermarket supply. We offer a full range of services and can support your needs on a global basis, whilst delivering benefits such as improved product cost and process efficiency. TVS SCS has experience in implementing solutions, in a logical way which minimises impact on the client’s business. TVS SCS create value in the supply chain by applying best-in-class planning, inventory management and procurement services, working with over 5,000 suppliers globally and procuring over two million parts per annum.

TVS SCS creates significant cost savings for our clients. In doing this, TVS SCS develop a Category Strategy which identifies the optimum categorisation for products based on their characteristics and then identifying the sourcing strategy for each Category to drive the best value and quality.

The strategy development process considers factors such as the existing supply chain and TVS SCS’ market share for the Category, analysing current spend of the supplier base and marketplace, as well as a review of existing contracts, category groupings and competition analysis.

Our approach to Purchasing reduces unnecessary stockholding and purchasing of goods through intelligent inventory management, driven by historical and forecasted usage data and known event planning as well as just-in-time deliveries. Improved availability of goods, accurate inventory planning and effective expediting activity ensure that the required amounts of goods are available when they are needed to meet the KPI time based on the order type.

TVS SCS improve the customer experience by offering an automated electronic ordering system that is intuitive, efficient and provides the required level of order acknowledgement and tracking information for orders and deliveries. Customers can use TVS SCS’ E-commerce Platform to allow dealers and customers to orders spare parts. The E-commerce Platform can be fully integrated with the customer’s systems. Once orders are placed, the parts are picked from one of our facilities.

TVS SCS have several global flagship locations where we offer both dedicated and shared user services. Each of these global locations benefits from the expertise of our central supporting functions such as Finance, Human Resources (HR) and IT Infrastructure.

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    The benefits of choosing TVS SCS for this service:

    • Transport - Access to TVS SCS’ transport models, i.e. Hybrid solution, PUDO, In-boot.
    • Quality - All processes adhere to ISO9001.
    • Optimisation - Creating a more effective supply chain.
    • Methodical - Build on industry best practice to provide the correct strategy.
    • Expertise - Over 100 years’ Experience.
    • Service - E-Commerce solution to help improve customer experience and drive efficiencies.
    • Innovation - Multiple solutions and technologies used to improve processes.
    • Cost Saving - Create significant cost saving benefits for our clients.
    • Efficiency - Automation and refined processes to help drive tangible benefits.
    • Value - Created through providing best in class solutions.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    Our Aftermarket Support Solution

    TVS SCS provides specialist warehousing and management of dangerous goods and COSHH rated products. Throughout our global locations, TVS SCS has over 12.5 million sqft of warehouse space which houses several different storage media. This includes full pallet storage; bulk storage; small parts pick locations; high bay and lean lift locations. Within each of the locations, TVS SCS has own Warehouse Management System.

    The Warehouse Management System is fully integrated and offers full control and visibility over all warehouse and stocking processes, It provides the governance for the inbound (receiving, counting and put away) and outbound (pick, pack and despatch) activities at all distribution centres.

    TVS SCS also has a global footprint of Forwarding Stocking Locations which allows clients to hold critical stock in strategic locations around the world. Each Forwarding Stocking Location is fully integrated and provides visibility within the supply chain.

    TVS SCS operates many transport models; this ensures that we have the right service provision whatever your needs. The transport services include shared, owned and outsourced transport services, in night / next day/emergency same day, European / Rest of World (RoW) Coverage, own transport solution for Class 9 transport of HV lithium batteries. All outsourced services are fully audited to ISO9001 accredited standards.

    TVS SCS provides further support services which include customer services, returns management and refurbishment of parts. Our refurbishment service has a wide variety of specialist skillsets which can refurbish a variety of different commodity types.

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    We manage returns, repairs and replacements of your spares, so your cash flow is not tied up in secret safety stock for those just in case situations. We also provide efficient reverse supply chain services, including recovery, storage and refurbishment of parts from users.

    Aftermarket services include:

    • Electronic parts cataloguing
    • Data management
    • Inventory Funding
    • Pick, pack despatch
    • Transportation services

    Our customers enjoy consistently high levels of service and product availability through the use of our aftermarket product service.

    Benefits to customers who use our aftermarket services include a reduction in inventory cost, as parts are ordered as and when they are needed, rather than stocking them for ‘just-in-case’ scenarios. Higher product availability is achieved through using TVS SCS’ Demand Forecast planning software which allows us to accurately predict future order quantities based on years of historical demand data. Our E-commerce platform increases productivity, as parts can be ordered electronically from anywhere using technical illustrations to easily identify parts. This minimises the risk of the incorrect part being ordered, creating an easier and more efficient ordering process.

    Assuming the parts are in stock, we provide a variety of next day delivery options, from a premium pre 08:00 through to standard delivery before 17:00. We also have the ability to use same-day courier delivery services which you can request via our customer services team.

    Field service engineers can order the parts they require via their E-commerce platform using a mobile phone or tablet. Deliveries can be scheduled to be made either on demand for the following day or on a pre-determined day. These deliveries can be made directly into their van overnight to a pre-determined pick-up or drop off (PuDo) location, or we can offer a hybrid solution utilising both options. It is also possible to send aftermarket parts directly to the customer for your engineer to collect.

    The majority of our customers use a bespoke e-commerce portal, where they can accurately identify the parts required, check availability and order exactly what they require.
    Our e-commerce portal can be configured to search for the correct parts by vehicle registration number or VIN; this ensures the correct parts are identified and ordered. We do accept that sometimes the wrong part is ordered, and via our customer services team you can arrange for the wrong part(s) to be returned and replacements sent out.


    Inventory Management

    Accurately forecasting demand to ensure optimum stock levels

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    Supplying the best quality goods at the most competitive price


    Intuitive Online Platform to help drive efficiency