TVS SCS is a global provider of world-class, end-to-end supply chain services to the beverage and catering sectors.

Your brands are our business. We understand that to gain a competitive edge, you must be different. We tailor our supply chain solutions so that they deliver what you need. Whether your market is beer, soft drinks, coffee or events catering, we help you take control of your supply chain. We ensure that the right part is delivered to the right place at the right time, every time. We drive down costs and provide technical expertise, from the sourcing of raw materials right through to the installation and support of your equipment. Ensuring your clients receive an outstanding customer service experience whilst allowing you to focus on the core competency of your business.

We also offer a refurbishment service which has been operating for over 20 years. This service provides customers in the beverage industry an opportunity to save a substantial amount of money versus buying new equipment. Used equipment can be given a new lease of life through our refurbishment capability. Our engineers are F-Gas certified, and R290 accredited. Refurbished equipment is given a 12-month warranty to ensure our commitment to providing quality. For more information on our refurbishment services, please click here.

We offer an E-commerce style catalogue which provides a comprehensive range of quality dispense equipment parts and provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ to support your business. Parts range from dispense parts through to cellar parts and everything in between. A selection of parts and equipment can be purchased either as new or as refurbished.

For more information and to register on the Drinksflow Catalogue, please click here.

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    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning


    Our refurbishment services cover all dispense and cellar equipment to ensure your assets are functioning as best they can for as long as they can. This service covers everything from a simple wash and wipe through to a full repair and rebuild. All assets are given a comprehensive audit after refurbishment, and a 12-month warranty is given to ensure quality.

    Product/Equipment Branding

    We offer a cost-effective branding solution for fonts and mobile bars, with short lead times to allow you to update your brand profile quickly, re-use event equipment or utilise old stock and save against new inventory.

    Cellar Deliveries

    We provide Cellar deliveries which means we can directly deliver equipment into the cellar negating the need for an engineer to lift any heavy equipment on their own. This improves the efficiency as once the engineer arrives at a site, the equipment they require is already there.

    Inventory Management

    We provide a comprehensive inventory management solution which helps optimise stock levels through accurately forecasting levels of demand. This solution takes historical data coupled with known seasonal events and marketing intelligence and predicts the relevant quantities for those specific times of the year.

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    TVS SCS provide a range of innovative, end-to-end supply chain solutions to help support the beverage sector. We assist in the management of dispense equipment on behalf of brewers to support the upkeep of their equipment in pubs, restaurants and bars across the UK.

    We understand that after many years of use, equipment may not be operating to the potential it was once. This is why we have a refurbishment facility which allows us to provide best value as we can increase the life of your equipment and get them back into the trade. This typically saves our customers anywhere between 70-80% on the cost of buying new.

    Our entire suite of solutions is offered to the beverage sector providing full control of the end-to-end supply chain. We understand that it can be inefficient having multiple providers for different areas of the supply chain. TVS SCS can be the provider of choice for the management of your beverage requirements, providing a full end-to-end supply chain and operations solution.

    Having one provider for all your requirements means you can have real visibility of your assets within your supply chain. We can provide analytics and reporting to display KPIs and supply chain performance.

    Our Demand Forecast Planning Software is a critical service within the beverage sector as many big brewers have multiple seasonal events every year where demand for equipment spikes exponentially. Our DFP software can consume seasonal and special marketing intelligence to accurately predict forecasts of required equipment for these times of the year.

    If you are exploring outsourcing as an option, you can get in touch with us using the form below. One of our experts will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and look at what we can offer to help you transform your business.

    If you’re not interested in looking at a full outsourced solution, we offer a consultancy service whereby we can give you our expert advice on areas of your supply chain you may need to build on. To view our consultancy services please Click Here

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