Economical routing for on-time, safe, affordable delivery

When you are looking for the reassurance of airfreight services, but do not want to pay a speed premium, consider the advantages of TVS SCS’s Consolidated Airfreight Forwarding Services.

Airfreight is one of the fastest methods of moving goods across the globe. Along with the benefit of speed, airfreight also offers more predictability and reliability for extremely tight timelines and requirements. For customers with these needs, the benefits of shipping with airfreight – and the flow-on effects generated from this – are greater than the premium price tag.

Airfreight offers more reliable arrival and departure times, resulting in a tighter level of predictability to help plan your supply chain. Additionally, the more secure nature of airfreight means there is less packaging – and therefore unpacking – required than when shipping with ocean freight. With regular fight schedules and fewer requirements surrounding the packing and unpacking of goods, shipping with airfreight also reduces warehousing and storage costs.

Affordable consolidated airfreight services

To support customers who wish to enjoy the speed and reliability of airfreight but aren’t constrained by a time- and date-definite arrival, we offer our Consolidated Airfreight services. Our freight management experts consolidate grouped consignments, selecting reputable carriers and cost-effective routing options.

By leveraging our group buying power and scale, the TVS SCS freight forwarding network can offer more competitive pricing for consolidated airfreight shipments between the world’s busiest airports. We maintain Tier 1 relationships with reputable airline carriers, allowing us to leverage better prices and space certainty. Our frequent schedules and unrivalled customer service mean your shipment arrives securely, reliably, and with peace-of-mind.

Our freight management experts consolidate grouped consignments, selecting a cost-effective carrier and routing options to ensure your shipment arrives securely and reliably. To further help reduce costs while maintaining flexibility for your supply chain, we also offer combined air, ocean and land solutions.

For customers who need to meet tighter deadlines, please consider our Priority Airfreight services.

We are members of IATA (International Air Transport Association), which grants us access and ease of doing business with leading major airline carriers. It is also a recognition of our compliance with licensing and regulation requirements and professionalism in the industry.

End-to-end solutions to maximise consolidated airfreight services

Our freight and logistics professionals take a consultative approach to assist you in determining the best solution for your needs and optimise your freight movements. We also offer Intermodal and Multimodal Solutions as part of our comprehensive suite of capabilities.

We go the extra mile for you and offer value-add warehousing services and customs brokerage and clearance. This ensures our customers experience a simplified, single touchpoint with end-to-end service coverage.

We have tailored solutions for a variety of sectors, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, textiles, retail, dangerous goods, food, wine and spirits and more. Our expert airfreight teams, located in key logistics hubs near some of the busiest airports in the world, are ready to support you through your urgent needs.

Our integrated IT platform and global tracker eConnect provides full shipment status visibility, accessible online 24/7.

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    More benefits of TVS SCS Consolidated Airfreight forwarding services:

    • Global footprint - Leverage our global network and scale to achieve more competitive prices
    • Savings - Choosing the most economical routing to save costs
    • Proximity - Our own offices and staff in key logistics hubs around the world’s busiest airports
    • Local knowledge - Our dedicated airfreight experts and customer service teams with local know-how
    • Flexible solutions - Intermodal and multimodal solutions to keep your supply chain agile and flexible
    • Multimodal - Combine air, ocean and land freight services to reduce transit times further while still maintaining affordability
    • Charter-ready - Combine with air charter services to get goods where you need them when you need them
    • Compliant - Dedicated in-house licensed customs clearance brokers to help avoid costly delays
    • In control - We control both consolidation and de-consolidation at origin and destination

    Welcome to eConnect 24/7 Online Platform

    Our global freight forwarding network integrates our eConnect online track and trace with the CargoWise IT platform. We use this across our entire international business to provide you with seamless 24/7 shipment visibility and live access to your data. With eConnect, our airfreight customers also enjoy one login to access other aspects of their business, such as warehousing, order management, account management and shipment management information on the desktop website platform.

    We also have a mobile app available on iOS and Android, which provides on-the-go visibility on shipment data that matters most to you.


    Enjoy 24/7 shipment visibility and live access to your data via our online desktop dashboard.

    We maintain data integrity thanks to our GFS network running on unified software platforms. This means you only need one login to access warehousing, order management, account management and shipment management information on the desktop platform.

    Desktop dashboard login for existing customers.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    Customs Clearance/Brokerage Services

    Simplify your customs and ensure compliance across the world. Our dedicated in-house experts are in key markets across our global network, with in-depth knowledge of local regulatory requirements.
    With extensive knowledge of customs clearance and documentation requirements, we will assist your international shipment clearance and compliance needs. We have Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditations in Oceania and Europe.


    Where ocean freight is transported in different types of containers, airfreight is moved using unit load devices (ULD). ULDs range from smaller containers or boxes to pallets that are loaded onto the aircraft for transportation.

    We have 45 dedicated freight forwarding offices in 15 countries, and work with trusted and reliable agents across the world to deliver global freight forwarding capabilities.

    To offer our customers competitive pricing and efficient freight forwarding, we group several smaller consignments (deliveries), sometimes from multiple different customers, into a larger consignment. Not only does it create efficiency in space utilisation, it gives us the ability to leverage much better pricing from the carriers on behalf of our customers.


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