Manufacturers are consistently looking for ways to transform their supply chain by fulfilling customers’ orders faster while also maintaining a lean operation. It is crucial that while you speed up the order fulfillment for a customer that high-quality standards are upheld, inventory control, or customer service. Our customers receive the right product at the right time.

TVS SCS provides innovative fulfillment solutions that are tailored to each customer’s supply chain requirements. Our solutions focus on increasing fulfillment productivity and efficiency while also maintaining a high level of quality. Our team of experts design, implement, and operate fulfillment solutions through innovative technology and industry-leading error proofing technology.

Each solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ systems to provide an optimal and accurate flow of operational data. This provides TVS SCS with the real-time data needed to continually operate an advanced fulfillment solution while simultaneously providing our customers’ full transparency and visibility into the operations.


What are the benefits of a TVS SCS Fulfillment Solution?

  • Cost - Reduce costs by minimising excess inventory, obsolescence, theft, and damage
  • Space - Optimise space utilisation by storing only the inventory you require
  • Efficiency - Increase efficiency by ensuring you have the right part at the right time
  • Quality - Improve quality with industry-leading error-proofing and automated inspection techniques
  • Transparency - Increase operational transparency with real-time inventory and delivery data


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When a 3rd party supplier is in place, Fulfillment is the process of storing and managing a customer inventory until they receive an order. Once a customer or the manufacturer has placed an order, the 3rd party provider will pick, pack, and ship that order to the required location. Whether in e-commerce or manufacturing, the fulfillment process removes the stress and complications of fulfilling orders to an outside partner.

A complete fulfillment solution can provide numerous benefits for a company, especially as customers become more complicated in a digitalised and just-in-time world. An optimised fulfillment solution allows the customer to optimise inventory, enhance customer service, reduce operational costs, and expand their customer base. With a successful fulfillment solution, the customer can focus more on selling rather than fulfilling the customer orders.

For example, let’s take that Company A sells various iPhone accessories such as cases and headphones. When a customer places an order on their website, the order will automatically be directed to the 3rd party provider to pick, pack, and ship that product directly to the customer. Company A receives a bill for this service but does not have to worry about fulfilling the customers’ order any more.


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