Using Internet of ThingsTo transform Supply Chain Management

With the increased importance of supply chains and warehousing to eCommerce and global trade, TVS SCS utilises Internet of Things(IoT) systems to create a smarter and more connected inlogistics network. IoT systems have become the most desirable form of technological innovation in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Inventory control is an important part of supply chain management, and IoT can provide huge benefits in this area. By leveraging our advanced IoT sensors that automatically track and analyse inventory positions and stock levels, prospective customers can create an accurate and up-to-the-minute inventory tracking system.


  • RFID based - access control features such as SMS/email alerts, attendance, preventive maintenance, breakdown, battery level, and deep discharge.
  • Reports Enabled - real-time dashboard with vehicle status, attendance/billing report, MHE attendance, RFID attendance, battery report, MHE utilisation report, operation report, alert log report, MHE breakdown report, MHE PM report, and overtime reports.
  • Tracking - improved inventory with IoT asset real-time tracking.
  • Safety - by ensuring the right/designated people are enabled to drive the vehicles.
  • Transparency - improved supply chain transparency.
  • Predictive Maintenance - to prevent downtime.
  • Easy Management - fleet Management and smoother Last-Mile deliveries.



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