You’re never in uncharted waters

Whatever your shipping needs, our freight management experts will provide you with the solutions to deliver your ocean freight safely, on time and within budget.

We’re known for smoothing the waters and providing affordable, reliable ocean freight solutions wherever your shipments need to be. Our global office network and logistics professionals with in-depth local knowledge are your secret weapon in dealing with your international suppliers in their language. Located in key logistics hubs across the Asia-Pacific, India, Oceania and Europe, we are where you need us to be.

We are a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), meaning we can schedule our customers’ ocean cargo with any shipping line, creating flexibility and freedom to choose the most suitable vessel and schedule for your needs and budget.

We are also specialists in major industry sectors. We are fully across customised cargo requirements to safely navigate the Ocean Freight world – both before and after customs clearance, including handling all other logistics needs in between – including warehousing and storage, intermodal and multimodal road transport, and more.

Across the world, we’re moving 140,000+ TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) yearly, around some of the busiest and most complex ports in the Asia-Pacific, Oceania, Europe and India. Thanks to our global footprint and on-the-ground local expertise, your goods will be under our control at both origin and destination. We understand and navigate local customs, laws and regulations so that you save time and money and experience peace-of-mind.

We offer agile, inter- and multimodal solutions to suit your budget. Additionally, we have capabilities to provide consolidation and de-consolidation of shipments at origin and destination, optimising your supply chain. Whatever you see on the horizon, we offer a comprehensive suite of Ocean Freight solutions.


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