TVS SCS  caters to point primary transportation with anywhere to anywhere options made available to customers

In primary transportation, efficiency is derived through Milk run and consolidation at strategically located cross-dock. The Long-haul movements carried out using large-size trucks for fast and cost-effectiveness. TVS SCS also caters to point primary transportation with anywhere-to-anywhere options made available to customers. The usage of pre-defined window time for material pickup and faster transit times benefits the customer. TVS SCS also optimises the customer’s transportation routes by using various state-of-the-art technology to establish the fastest possible delivery networks between the delivery points using the least number of vehicles, thereby passing the customer’s overall cost benefits.

We achieve this by analysing various factors of our consumers like the Product (Hazardous or Non – Hazardous), Location (Origin, Location, Borders and End – Customers) and Special Considerations (Time, Urgency and Budget). At the final stage, our customers are provided with state-of-the-art operational dashboards for a real-time view of the supply chain, and mobile apps for placing vehicle requests making it more convenient & transparent.

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Key Highlights of the offered service

  • Milk run planning
  • Cross-dock and Consolidation
  • Faster transit for Long haul trucks
  • Real time tracking & exceptional alerts
  • Mobile apps for indents



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Yes. TVS SCS Operates Milk-run to support the JIT / JIS deliveries to OEMs

TVS SCS is an asset-light organization. The trucks are long term leased from the vendor partners to ensure adequate scalability.

Trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices that are tracked, monitored & controlled through 24×7 Smart Centre.

TVS offers multimodal services as per client requirement

Yes. We provide Express delivery services by road / by rail / by Air as per customer need.

Yes. We offer storage & redelivery as per customer requirements.

We offer various trucks options, including a containerized, open, side body with small LCVs to Large Trailers as per customer needs.

Yes. TVS offers routing & loading plan assist to customers through state of the art tools & techniques.

TVS SCS has put in robust SOPs to handle any eventuality in the transportation like accident/breakdown to minimize the impact on customers.

TVS SCS offers varied pricing methods like per output based, per KM, per trip, Per KG, per Piece, percentage of the invoice value, etc., as per customer requirement.

Driver counseling & fitness test like alcohol / BP levels are checked before the commencement of every trip. In addition, a truck container lead test is conducted to ensure no rainwater enters the truck.

TVS SCS has a robust audit mechanism wherein each truck is inspected before each trip for tyre, fuel, brake, headlight, turn signal lamp & other safety-related parameters are in place.


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