Our vision technology is used in areas of human capital management, warehouse operations management, automation of label reading, eliminating manual validation solutions using cognitive intelligence and advanced neural network models. Advanced concepts such as facial recognition, label reading, personal protection equipment (“PPE”) recognition and drone technology are incorporated to enable innovative supply chains. Facial recognition provides a sophisticated surveillance technique with a combination of a video camera, a high-end processor with goods storage and an algorithm, which is custom-built for facial analytics. In the case of label reading, a computer vision algorithm is executed on classified image sets with continuous learning. The PPE object recognition can be used in any factory for the safety and security of employees, contractors and visitors. It ensures compliance of restricted area access, and the camera even recognises various PPE objects. We aim to make the inventory-checking process more efficient with the use of drone technology. We believe drones can complete the reconciliation process in a faster, accurate, on-demand and fully automated manner.


  • Facial Recognition - compares the live feed against the registered information and marks the attendance for the person. Attendance data is automatically pushed to the Ramco system for verification.
  • Label recognition - ensures 100% error-free with an automated learning process and provides complete system integration.
  • PPE model - improves productivity and reduces costs on compliance payments.
  • Vision technology - is an excellent security measure to monitor the headcount of employees.
  • Drones - help in the reduction of manpower required by doing perpetual inventory counting and validating the storage of key materials in the warehouse.
  • Aids in quick movement - of items, achieving a faster turnaround time.

Adding Value to the Customer

Complete visibility in real-time with 100% verification and accuracy

A trustworthy system that can detect the authenticity of the image and accuracy in data relations both in/out.

Eliminates manual labour, offering a systemic and automated billing process.

Some of the indirect costs could be prevented using the right PPE and avoid medical expenses due to workers’ injury. Ensures workers’ compensation and addresses property losses, civil liability damages, litigation expenses, and so on.

Drones can perform basic level safety inspections and enhance overall customer service.

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