TVS SCS have a comprehensive National PUDO network and are recognised as one of the leading UK providers of PUDO services.
We offer over 200 PUDO Collection and Delivery points strategically located throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. In addition, we have a significant PUDO network across mainland Europe providing a comprehensive logistics resource across multiple territories.

We provide a dedicated early morning parts delivery and collection service for field engineers providing a comprehensive range of storage, delivery, collection and exchange options that are totally unique in today’s parts logistics environment.

These resources are part of our closed-loop logistics philosophy that has been designed to maximizing clients cost and service efficiencies by consolidating the number of suppliers they engage with across their supply chain, eliminating low value stacked margin costs as well as the ‘lack of ownership’ that frequently are at the root cause of service failures.

TVS SCS’s unique range of service is currently being utilised to support a wide range of applications across a variety of business sectors including spare parts, warranty returns, technical swap-outs, and loan or shared equipment. We have the ability to collect and deliver through the night with every package tracked to its final destination for collection.

Our PUDO network is ideal for both large and small parcel and your delivery options can either be to the engineer’s home postcode via our in-boot service or one of over a thousand intelligent location or to the location the part is required. Many clients prefer this option when they are not certain which the engineer will attend the call at the time of despatch.

Some of the key benefits of our PUDO network include:

Real-time scanning
All PUDO’s will scan your part in and out generating a real-time update which is shown on our TRACE system, in addition, automatic emails or SMS can be sent to advise the engineer or customer when the status of the part changes.

Ease of Access
All PUDO location has parking and counter service and adheres to regulatory health and safety requirements.

Packages are available for collection from PUDO’s from 8 am in the morning 6 days a week. We also offer a Sunday for Monday Service (collect Sunday deliver Monday)

All TVS SCS resource is managed and owned by the company from point of collection to end delivery point at the PUDO ensuring clear communication a strong ‘ownership’ ethic across the business.

We can produce reports on an engineer collection times and drop off times, this level of insight can provide valuable performance data for regional managers.
We also provide full track and trace via the web enabling managers to review engineer productivity and location in real time.

Automated Text messages or e mails are sent to inform the engineer and client when they have items to collect.
Automated Text messages are sent in real-time to confirm when an item has been returned into the PUDO.

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    • National Coverage - 200 PUDO Collection and Delivery points strategically located throughout the UK
    • Scanning - All PUDO’s will scan your part in and out generating a real time update which are shown on our WMS System
    • Communication - Automatic emails or SMS can be sent to advise the engineer or customer when the status of the part changes
    • Convenience - Packages are available for collection from PUDO’s from 8am in the morning 6 days a week. We also offer a Sunday for Monday Service (collect Sunday deliver Monday)
    • Service Ownership - All TVS SCS logistic resources are managed and owned by the company from the point of collection, transport network through to the end delivery point at the PUDO ensuring clear communication and a strong ‘service ownership’ ethic across the business

    Our bespoke warehouse management system TRACE provides real-time visibility and a full audit of the location of every part, using scanning, GPS and digital communications technologies. We offer a full Bar-coded track and trace systems with Proof of Delivery recording with the status and location of every part visible to our clients at all times via our online TRACE system.

    When making a collection from a PUDO, the engineer will identify themselves through an ID badge which has a unique barcode.

    Scanning the barcode will reveal the parts that have been booked to be collected. The TVS counter manager will scan each part out by the original manifest any omission is immediately flagged.

    The engineer will sign to confirm he has received the parts.

    This information is passed real-time to the TRACE, so the customer has an instate upage of the status of the package. TRACE has been designed to integrate into customers own WMS system providing a single system for identifying the location of parts.

    When the engineer visits the PUDO to return a package(s) a label is attached to that package.

    The engineer shows there identification badge which is scanned.
    The return package(s) is scanned in.

    The engineer then receives a peel-off with a unique (tracking) number as Proof-of-Return (POR) and the PUDO attendant signs the engineer’s manifest.

    The status of the part is automatically updated in real-time within our TRACE system.

    Our Operational team are experienced in designing logistic solutions to optimise efficiencies, using our flexible courier model.

    Our courier despatch system provides real-time, street-level tracking accessible online. Users can also set automatic notifications to be sent to the requestor, booker and recipient at key points throughout the journey, thereby minimising the time traditionally required to check the courier’s location with the supplier.

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    PUDO stands for ‘pick-up and drop-off’ and refers to a secure location usually managed by a logistics or postal company at which customers or field service engineers can collect and return parcels.

    The market for PUDO’s includes e-commerce customers as well as field service engineers.

    Typically, PUDO’s are staffed and provide a countertop service. These secure locations for parcel collection and delivery, providing increased convenience for users as they can choose the time they wish to collect or dropoff their parcel.

    TVS SCS has over 200 PUDO’s located across the UK, providing field service engineers with secure access to collect and return parts. All parts are scanned in and out with an automatic email or SMS notifications being sent on collection and delivery and instantly update within a bespoke Warehouse Management System.

    PUDO provides local secure locations at which shoppers or field service engineers can pick up and drop off parcels.

    Typically, users will be notified by email or SMS as soon as their parcel has arrived and be required to identify themselves when at the PUDO in order to collect the item.

    PUDO’s are managed by logistics, e-commerce or postal companies who deliver parcels to the PUDO’s in bulk. The service provides customers with additional convenience and added security. Not only are they notified when it arrives but the parcel is held at a secure location, and they can collect it at a time that suits them.

    The e-commerce customer or field service engineer needs to return an item or spare part the store employee will be able to create a return label in order to log the return. Returns will then be collected in bulk and returned to a central hub to be sorted and delivered to the appropriate locations.

    The primary objective of field service managers is to ensure that the spare parts their field service engineers need are in the right place at the right time and that the supply chain delivering these parts is reliable and cost-effective.

    The right location translates as being as close to the service engineer as possible. PUDO’s or Pick up Drop off locations are secure locations where e-commerce customers or field service engineers can collect and return spare parts.

    They are typically owned and operated by logistics or postal companies and located at multiple locations across the UK.

    PUDO’s are used by companies to extend the accessibility of their parts throughout the UK. The closer the part is to the engineer, the more productive the engineer will be.

    TVS SCS operates a network of over 200 PUDO’s across the UK value-added services offered by some PUDO operators, including scanning items in and our all items returned or collected and notifying engineers by SMS when their part has arrived. They will also map the location of your field service engineers to the nearest PUDO, FSL or Intelligent locker, which is part of their unique closed-loop logistics model.


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