There are many efficiencies that business gain by adopting in-night deliveries as part of their logistics strategy. These range from knowing the right goods or parts will be on-site first thing in the morning to generating a significantly lower environmental footprint than traditional day time deliveries.

Our in-night delivery service is available across the UK and Europe, enabling us to support a range of companies, including those with multiple sites to meet their local real-time demand for goods or parts.

We can either collect the goods or parts from your existing distribution centres or manage your inventory within our extensive distribution network.

Unlike most storage and distribution solutions offered by other in-night providers, TVS SCS own and manage a unique range of national distribution options. These include 43 Forward Stock Locations, 250 PUDO’s and 10,000 Intelligent lockers so not only will you be able to store your goods close to where you need them you will avoid costly third-party mark-ups and the lack of ‘ownership’ that can result in expensive delays or lost or damaged items when using multiple third-party suppliers.

Our UK National Distribution Centre is used by many customers as a central spares warehouse allowing ordering and shipping up to 10 pm and includes specialist Pick and Pack, Screen and Clean, Repair and Secure build areas.

Due to the high value and sensitive nature of the consignments we manage for our clients, we have designed a best in class courier vetting and training program.

We engage with and provide the services of PAYE, subcontracted and self-employed couriers who are required to satisfy our vetting procedure and sign their agreement to follow a set of operational procedures and behavioural requirements.

Our vetting procedure is in line with the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard, which is the vetting requirement that all Government departments issue to individuals employed to work in their offices or on their systems. It is a recognised standard that aims to assure as to the trustworthiness, integrity and probable reliability of prospective employees.

Our Training program is based on the Quiet Deliveries best practice guidance issued by the Department of Transport and includes a mandatory test on these procedures to ensure that the benefits of in-night deliveries are not offset by disturbance to residents.

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    • Pre 07:00 delivery - Guaranteed delivery by 8 am for all locations, and 7 am for 98% of the UK Increased product availability, avoiding out of stock issues.
    • Decrease Downtime - Reduce employee downtime as field teams can start the day with everything, they need.
    • Increase efficiency - Promote safer and quicker deliveries.
    • Reduce fuel consumption - and resulting emissions from less time spent stationary or idling in day time congestion.
    • Reduce harmful emissions - resulting from daytime deliveries.
    • Courier Vetted - Couriers vetted to government standard and trained in Quiet Deliveries.
    • National Network - Access to TVS SCS wholly owned distribution network.
    • Range of vehicles - Access to a range of vehicle sizes to suit your requirements, including Transit Van, 7.5t vehicles, 18t and articulated vehicles with tail lifts.

    Providing transparency across your in-night distribution network

    TVS SCS is committed to ongoing investment in bespoke technology to develop a best in class technology solutions that enable our clients to manage the critical data across the whole range of logistics and technical service solutions we offer, including In-Night.


    At every stage of the In-Night process, customer’s assets are checked against the manifest and scanned using barcode technology and GPS tracking; this approach is how we determine the status and location of consignments in real-time.
    TRACE is the application we have developed specifically for the logistics industry and provides outstanding levels of real-time tracking and reporting.

    With this functionality, our customers can monitor and demonstrate adherence to the demanding service level agreements under which they operate, ensuring they can provide exceptional levels of service to their customers.

    TRACE links our In-Night fleet with all our national Networks of distribution options including forwarding Stock Solutions, PUDO’s, and Intelligent Lockers so that customers utilizing these resources have full visibility of the location and status of their stock or parts at all times.

    This functionality is particularly beneficial as typically our customers find that blended solutions provide them with the most significant efficiencies, this will see a mixture of delivery options applied including delivery to store or depot as well as delivery to Intelligent Locker, FSL’s or PUDO’s depending or their specific local requirements.

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    In Night delivery or night time delivery is a courier service that deliveries items to locations throughout the night and early morning.

    This type of courier service is used by multiple business sectors including retail, engineering, technology and automotive.

    By replacing or replenishing stock or parts during the night, they ensure that their employees can
    collect or put them first thing in the morning reducing the time spent waiting around for deliveries or avoiding filling shelves while customers are in the store.

    To be able to benefit from in-night delivery, customers will need to provide the in-night supplier with
    access to a secure area in which they can deliver the stock or parts.

    TVS SCS has the largest In-Night delivery fleet in the UK and years of experience supporting
    companies to improve their cost and service efficiencies by introducing night-time delivery into their
    supply chains.

    Customers using In-Night delivery need to provide their in-night supplier with access to a secure area
    in which the supplier can deliver their stock or parts during the night.
    You should expect your In-Night supplier to carry out a full assessment of each location to which
    they will be delivering. This assessment will include on-site security, parking restrictions,
    contingency requirements.

    A ‘ Quiet Delivery’ assessment should also be carried out to consider the likely impact that any noise
    resulting from the delivery may have on residence within the immediate area.
    TVS SCS is the largest In-Night delivery supplier in the UK and offers a robust key management
    system as well as a ‘best-in-class’ vetting process for couriers. The logistics company also places
    barcode stickers within the delivery areas, which are scanned to evidence the time the delivery was
    made. These measures provide additional assurances to customers of the safety of in-night

    In night distribution or In-Night delivery is a specialist courier service that delivers parcels to
    locations during the night.

    Night delivery is popular with business in the retail, engineering, technology and automotive sectors.
    By arranging to have stock delivered during the night, these businesses reduce the amount of time
    their field service engineers wait for parts to arrive or avoid the disruption of replenishing stock
    whilst customers are in store.

    TVS SCS  is one of only a few companies that offer a national in-night distribution service.

    To maximise the efficiency of your field service strategies business, need to ensure that their field
    service engineers have quick access to the parts they need and are knowledgeable and skilled at
    carrying out the repairs for which they are responsible.

    Customers’ expect their products to be repaired quickly, and the first visit and business that can
    meet this expectation consistently will be successful.

    One of the most critical metrics business should consider when developing strategies for improving
    the productivity of their field engineer is the time, they spend travelling to collect parts and the
    amount of time they spend waiting for those parts to be delivered parts. Reducing this unproductive
    time will increase the field engineer’s productivity, enabling them to carry out more repairs.

    In-night delivery or night deliveries are just one of the ways business ensure that parts are at the
    collection location before the engineer arrives. Due to reduced traffic levels during the night, the
    reliability of this delivery method is far greater than traditional day time delivers, making it an
    effective strategy for increasing the productivity of your field engineers.

    TVS Rico are experienced in supporting business to improve the productivity of their field service
    engineers, providing a range of supply chain services include, in-night delivery, in-boot delivery a
    nationwide network of Forward Stocking locations, PUDO’s and Intelligent lockers.

    In night distribution, also referred to as in-night delivery is an effective way of improving the
    cost and service efficiencies within your supply chain.

    There are clear and measurable benefits in having your products delivered through the
    night, these range from eliminating field engineer’s downtime to a reduction in harmful

    However, to include in-night delivery within their supply chain business need to provide
    their in-night supplier with access to a secure area for the products to be delivered.
    Providing this access raises several security risks which customers need to be confident their
    supplier has addressed and mitigated.

    These include a documented key management policy; in short, your supplier should be able
    to demonstrate that they know the location of the keys in their possession at all times.

    TVS Rico’s key management policy requires couriers to scan keys out of a Service Center and
    scan them back in at the end of their shift, as all our courier vehicles have GPS tracking we
    can clearly demonstrate that we know the location of the keys at all times.
    Other issues include the level of vetting that has been carried out by the supplier, at a
    minimum this should consist of ‘right to work in the UK’ check, identity check, three years
    previous history checks and a criminal record or DBS check.

    With the appropriate security in place, in-night delivery offers significant benefits to

    Night-time distribution or In-Night delivery is a courier service that delivers parcels to secure
    locations during the night and early morning.
    Those businesses that have adopted night-time distribution within their supply chain gain significant
    reliability and sustainability benefits against traditional day time deliveries.

    Night-time distribution is a courier service that delivers parcels to secure locations during the night
    and early morning.
    Whilst service reliability depends on your supplier’s resources and capabilities. The night time model
    offers greater reliability that day time deliveries due to the reduction in traffic congestion at night.
    These benefits are especially relevant to deliveries within urban areas; however, responsible night
    time suppliers will follow the government’s guidelines on Quiet deliveries which may exclude some.
    vehicle types
    TVS Rico is the largest In-Night delivery supplier in the UK and will work with you to explore if night
    time distribution will benefit your business.


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    We provide the largest national in-boot or safe place delivery…

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