TVS SCS has taken a giant leap towards digital transformation by an effective collaboration of deep learning algorithms, intelligent automation, and a powerful visual analytics model. This centralised technological ecosystem provides brand new solutions across the supply chain and eliminates repetitive and mundane tasks.

With such potential automation in place, the key order processes and inventory management is simplified with zero human intervention. It eradicates the need for manual operations, thereby freeing resources to focus on other major activities. Furthermore, it speeds up every level of the logistics process that enhances the entire productivity. 


  • Time saving - Reduction in turnaround time, leading to improved regulatory compliance.
  • Cognitive solutions - Process Automation bot has to be developed only once as the cognitive solution converts all the multi-layout forms into a standard format. ​
  • Highly efficient - Process automation integration with the core ERP systems increases the overall efficiency.
  • Reduces errors - This digital solution will eliminate the chance of human error and improve quality and accuracy.
  • Improved service - End-to-end automation results in improved service and great customer experience.



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