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The Healthcare sector has changed over recent years with immense pressure to deliver high standards of care with limited resources. As patient levels increase so does demand on all areas of the healthcare supply chain. Couple this with the challenges of the global pandemic highlights the need for an agile supply chain that offers a responsive and scalable approach to delivering this critical service.

TVS SCS has recognised the importance of maintaining the technology and data handling systems, and today our field service team provides reliable and reactive support to hospitals, GP surgeries and other primary care centres across the UK. Alongside our logistic services tailored to medical parts needs, we work around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to support this pressurised sector.

The TVS SCS proposition begins with unbiased thought leadership which focuses on supply chain integration, optimisation and resource management, enabling efficient, cost-effective end-to-end solutions. This can include design/build, utilisation of technology such as artificial intelligence, automation and robotics. We provide the capability to manage all aspects of an end-to-end supply chain including data, order, inventory, procurement, transport and warehouse management.

Whether you are a national or local trust, care home, public or private healthcare provider, TVS SCS’ solutions can help maximise the performance of your supply chain whilst providing cost-saving benefits.
TVS SCS has over 100 years’ experience in solving complex supply chain issues for highly regulated and complex industries working with government, private and public entities.

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    What we can do in the Healthcare Sector

    Consultancy Services – Our suite of consultancy services help our clients take control of their own end-to-end supply chain. Taking the ethos from our knowledge and experience in providing end-to-end supply chain management solutions for over 30 years, TVS SCS can advise and guide you in the right direction to help you gain control and visibility of your supply chain. The areas of consulting we cover are Project Management and Implementation Support, Systems Integration and Supply Chain Design and Optimisation.

    Inventory Management – Our Inventory Management capability helps you optimise your inventory through intelligent demand forecast planning we can accurately predict your future order quantities based on your historical demand data. We have the ability to account for seasonality and special marketing events to further increase the accuracy of certain product quantities.

    Global Procurement – Our procurement solution sees us managing supplier relationships, maintaining the quality of goods, using a category management approach to help promote cost-saving opportunities as well as constantly reviewing best sources of supply for common products. With over 5,000 suppliers globally across the sector, we have extensive experience in managing a large number of suppliers for a specific customer introducing cost-saving initiatives.

    Warehousing & Distribution – We have multiple distribution centres, forward stock locations (FSL’s) and manned pick-up and drop off points (PUDO) at strategic points around the globe, with over 10 million sq. ft of warehouse space. Our warehousing management solutions are customised to meet customer’s business needs and optimise their inventory and assets.

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    A solution with TVS SCS can solve many problems faced by the Healthcare sector; our core values are to maximise efficiency whilst driving down operational cost. Our expertise in working in highly regulated industries and providing significant cost-saving benefits is what makes us the partner of choice for your supply chain requirements.

    TVS SCS see the appetite for change in the healthcare sector significantly as patient numbers rise and the average cost per patient increases, the requirement for an agile and resilient supply chain the can promote cost-saving becomes more crucial.

    Our full suite of supply chain management solutions is offered to the Healthcare sector. We are now seeing an increased appetite for healthcare providers to explore activities within their supply chain to help drive costs down.

    TVS SCS are well-positioned to be “the partner of choice” in assisting you to deliver the optimal supply chain management solution utilising our knowledge and expertise.

    If you are exploring outsourcing as an option, you can get in touch with us using the form below. One of our experts will be in touch with you to discuss the issues you are facing and start to look at what we can offer to help you.

    If you don’t want to look at a full outsourced solution, we offer a consultancy service whereby we can give you our expert advice on areas of your supply chain you may need to build on. To view our consultancy services, please Click Here.

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