TVS SCS offers a unique range of innovative distribution options based on a transactional pricing model. We enable our clients to fulfil the increased demand for fast delivery to field service engineers and stores as well as replacing their fixed costs with a flexible commercial model that supports their continued growth within today’s unpredictable business environment.

By utilising our Forward Stock Locations (FSL’s), you can distribute your products more efficiently to customers than you can if you have located them in one or several major Distribution Centres.

Forwarding Stock Locations

  • Transactional Pricing – Move from fixed cost model to a transactional cost model, protecting your business from unpredictable fluctuations in demand.
  • Bespoke – Our bespoke Warehouse Management System (WMS)software provides real-time status and stock audits.
  • Transparency – The system presents real-time tracking visibility when your stock is in transit.
  • Blended Solutions – The ability to mix our network of storage and distribution solutions to create strategies that meet different regional requirements or SLAs.
  • Minimise Overstocking – Reporting provides information to minimise overstocking on inventory “just in case” there’s a problem.
  • Intelligent Stock Control – Real-time data from each location can support your stocking decisions and ensure you place the correct amount and type of inventory you need across your entire network.
  • Compliance – All FSL’s have the appropriate health and safety, lighting, fire & security & lifting equipment to support a fast-paced spare parts logistics warehouse operation.


  • National Coverage – 240 PUDO Collection and Delivery points strategically located throughout the UK.
  • Scanning – All PUDO’s will scan your part in and out generating a real-time update which is shown on our WMS System.
  • Communication – Automatic emails or SMS can be sent to advise the engineer or customer when the status of the part changes.
  • Convenience – Packages are available for collection from PUDO’s from 8 am six days a week. We also offer a Sunday for Monday Service (collect Sunday deliver Monday).
  • Service Ownership – All TVS SCS logistic resources are managed and owned by the company from the point of collection, transport network through to the end delivery point at the PUDO ensuring clear communication and a strong ‘service ownership’ ethic across the business.

Intelligent Lockers

  • Convenience – We offer pre-7am delivery and guaranteed 24/7 access.
  • Nation Wide – TVS SCS ‘intelligent lockers’ are available at over 1,000 locations across the UK.
  • Local – Typically, the lockers are within a 10-minute drive from your engineer’s home address or workplace location.
  • Transparent – Our technology provides complete transparency of the location and status of your parts at all times.
  • Auditable – Intelligent Lockers automatically create an audit of all collections and deliveries.
  • Instant Communication – SMS and email alerts are sent to designated stakeholder upon every delivery and collection.
  • Large Capacity – TVS lockers are 1083mm x 964mm, big enough to fits a medium washing machine.
  • Reliable – Locker uses SIM card technology rather than WiFi, eliminating any potential connectivity issues.

In Boot

  • Blended service – A blended services option to support regional or operations variances
  • Pre 07:00 distribution – Distribution to mainland FSLs and PUDO pre-07:00
  • Robust – Robust trackable “keyholder” processes
  • Visibility – Robust in night processes with full scanning and visibility for clients
  • Reverse Logistics – Full reverse logistics support
  • Vetted Courier – Secure transportation with Vetted DSBS checked couriers

In Night

  • Pre 07;00 delivery – Guaranteed delivery by 8 am for all locations, and 7 am for 98% of the UK Increased product availability, avoiding out of stock issues
  • Decrease Downtime – Reduce employee downtime as field teams can start the day with everything, they need
  • Increase efficiency – Promote safer and quicker deliveries
  • Reduce fuel consumption – Reduced fuel consumption and resulting emissions from less time spent stationary or idling in day time congestion
  • Reduce harmful emissions – Reduce harmful emissions resulting from daytime deliveries
  • Courier Vetted – Couriers vetted to government standard and trained in Quite Deliveries
  • National Network – Access to TVS SCS wholly own distribution network
  • Range of vehicles – Access to a range of vehicles sizes to suit your requirements, including Transit Van, 7.5t vehicles, 18t and articulated vehicles with tail lifts


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