Experts in designing, implementing, and operating optimised material flow and warehouse designs

In today’s digital transformed environment, manufacturers are continuously pushed to produce more customised products, at higher speeds and lower costs. This puts a strain on supply chains, creating less room for errors or disruptions, whether in the manufacturer’s facility or suppliers. Designing and implementing a lean and optimised material flow and warehouse design has become an increasingly crucial element in streamlining supply chains to mitigate risk and optimise cost.

TVS SCS has proven expertise in designing and implementing optimal material flow and warehouse designs across different industries and countries, from Germany to the United States. Each project is driven by resources from our engineering centre which consists of, Systems Integration, Industrial, Quality, Control, and Project Engineers along with the appropriate operational experts.

At the initiation of each project, the engineering team collects and analyses operational data considering:

  • Number of Commodities
  • Space Provided
  • Commodity Usage and Volume
  • Point of Use of each Commodity

With this data, the engineering team can complete a full analysis utilising the appropriate data points to determine each commodity’s most optimal location throughout the facility to ensure the inventory moves as efficiently as possible.

Suppose you are looking to optimise your material flow and warehouse design. In that case, TVS SCS can provide a range of solutions from a dedicated onsite engineering team to complete end-to-end warehouse design and implementation. With a keen focus on quality, our team of engineers and operational experts will ensure that you will receive the right parts, at the right time, in the most efficient way possible.

With efficiency in mind, the team’s overarching goal is to reduce each commodity’s overall travel distance to:

  • Reduce Forklift Traffic and Congestion
  • Remove Non-Value-Added Time
  • Optimize Material Handling Support
  • Increase Operational Productivity and Efficiency

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    The benefits of choosing TVS SCS for this service:

    • Safety - Mitigate safety risks with reduced forklift traffic and congestion.
    • Time - Reduce non-value-added time.
    • Efficiency - Optimise efficiency by minimizing the travel distance of commodities.
    • Cost - Reduce costs with optimised labour and equipment utilisation.
    • Profit - Improve bottom line profit with increased throughput.
    • Risks - Reduce the risk of supply chain disruption.

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    Material flow optimisation is the process of designing and implementing efficient strategies focused on streamlining supply chain operations by reducing the travel distance of each commodity throughout the warehouse.

    When done right, an optimised material flow solution provides the most efficient and seamless flow of material throughout the warehouse.
    The allows the customer to realise the following benefits:

    • Increased Profit
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Improved Safety
    • Optimised Efficiency
    • Reduce Waste
    • Optimised Labour and Equipment Space Utilisation

    Implementing an optimised warehouse design or layout is crucial in creating efficient and lean operations in your supply chain. With an optimal warehouse design, you can increase efficiency, productivity, and throughput for your manufacturing operations.

    When correctly implemented, an optimised warehouse and material flow design ensure that you receive the right part at the right time to keep your supply chain moving. By increasing the efficiency that material flows through your facility, you can reduce the risk of line stoppage due to missing parts.


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