designing and Optimising operational processesto promote an efficient supply chain

Our supply chain design and optimisation consultancy service extracts the expertise from our core business competency and applies it to the requirements posed by our clients. Our tailored approach to solving supply chain issues is what sets us apart from the competition. We can provide a solution that not only solves the problems you may be facing but ultimately will support you in aligning the supply chain to the goals of the business. Supply chain design describes the management of critical areas in the supply chain. The process includes the identification of the best combination of systems and techniques used in each element comprising the end- to -end supply chain, including:

  • Product Data Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Global Strategic Purchasing
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Storage/Warehousing
  • Transportation Services
  • Data Analytics

Our Supply Chain Design service is a solution that aligns the supply chain to the core competency ensuring that it can handle the growth of the business whilst giving you the visibility and control you want to achieve. The benefits to supply chain design are paramount, as having a reliable, scalable strategy in place future proofs the business as it grows.

We can consult on the most effective ways for you to manage the supply chain using scenario modelling and supply chain simulation, to building a strategic network design. We can guide you through the best practice to help develop a supply chain that will meet the future needs of the business.

Supply Chain Optimisation is the process and tool used to create a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain. Aligning the operations and manufacturing to a lean model can be extremely beneficial to the business. TVS SCS can assist in building the optimum supply chain model by using our extensive bank of tools and our knowledge of proven processes. As supply chain optimisation is our core proposition we have different ways in which we can analyse the current situation to provide cost improvement options, including cost-benefit analysis, to inform decision making.

Our value-add is created through our experience in the supply chain sector from which we have developed industry-leading methods to solve complex supply chain problems.

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    The benefits of choosing TVS SCS for this service:

    • Expertise - We live and breathe supply chain management.
    • Value - Industry-leading solutions to improve your service.
    • Business Intelligence - Inform decisions underpinned by data and analytics.
    • Visibility & Transparency - Provide services to help gain control and visibility of the supply chain.
    • Trust - Global supply chain management company working with industry-leading clients.
    • Risk Management - Robust processes that help mitigate risk.
    • Innovation - Taking the strategy beyond the industry standard.
    • Digital Transformation - Building on data as the most valuable asset.
    • Technology - Access to the tools, techniques and knowledge of our Experts.
    • Global Reach - Local service, worldwide reach.

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    Our Strategic Procurement Consultancy Capability

    Strategic procurement involves the overall management of procurement activities to reduce waste and identify the lowest cost of supply of the technically compliant product. Improving the strategic procurement capability can significantly contribute to the profitability of the organisation and can be a crucial enabler to successful growth.

    Our global reach and extensive experience means we can give you the best possible direction to build a successful, ethical and environmentally compliant procurement strategy.

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    TVS SCS describes Supply Chain Design as the process businesses use to optimise their Supply Chain to control inventory holding, warehouse requirement, transportation and service delivery cost. Today’s supply chains are a network of global suppliers and manufacturers connected through transactions and agreements which require a unified goal. There is no one size fits all when it comes to supply chain design; each business has different drivers, targets and requirements. Our approach to supply chain design is to align the business strategy to an optimised solution through the understanding of the Target Operation Model. We analyse the information systems, data, processes, organisation and strategy to ensure a line of sight to success.

    Supply Chain Optimisation is the application of mathematical modelling to ensure the Target Operating Model is aligned to the business strategy. This is a moving feast, continual monitoring of costs throughout the supply chain is required to keep the supply chain at optimal levels. World events, business change and customer requirements rarely remain constant. This requires continual modelling, looking at future need, past history and the introduction of risk and uncertainty. Optimising the supply chain takes into account the product or service from raw material through transportation and storage to manufacturing and distribution.

    Supply chain design and optimisation will ensure that the costs of inventory, warehousing, transportation and other infrastructure are reduced. An optimised supply chain will also increase customer satisfaction through better service or product, which in turn will create more revenue through sales and improve the bottom line. Supplier performance will be enhanced through collaboration and systems integration. This collaboration will create the environment required for better planning. A shared view of the supply chain increases visibility and promotes the sharing of assets. All this ensures the product or service is at the right location, at the right time, in the proper condition, for the lowest cost.

    Supply chains are often viewed as a cost to the business without adding value to the service or product. An optimised supply chain provides the best use of capability, capacity and the infrastructure available. Individual components in a supply chain can be obtained at the lowest cost, but if all the other elements are not optimised to meet the needs, then the overall supply chain performance can be affected. Our process of mapping the total cost of a service or product can vastly reduce the final cost of delivery and provide an increase to the bottom line.

    Our approach to supply chain consultancy will enable you to profit from our practical and economical experience. At TVS SCS, we are practitioners in managing global supply chains and can bring this experience to bear. Businesses often find themselves doing what they have always done, hoping to realise different results. We offer cost-effective solutions that can lead to outsourcing non-core activity in order to concentrate on what the business and the workforce does best. For companies that are thinking of making a business change that requires investment, our consultancy may highlight issues not yet considered. Investing in consultancy can be the ‘spend to save’ solution in order to preserve the bottom line and reduce capital spending.

    Our consultants typically resolve problem areas in a supply chain such as customer service, cost, risk, supplier relationship and delays. These are common issues in supply chains, and our approach to these problems is based on deploying the right expertise, with the right tools using the most appropriate methodologies. Most issues are initially identified through the symptoms they display. We analyse these symptoms to identify the root cause. Data quality and integrity are reviewed so that trends and patterns are identified to provide options and decision support.

    We are tool and software agnostic, using the right tool to approach any particular problem. Our consultants can reach back into TVS SCS to use our Data Analytics Tools and our experts. Modelling and Simulation is a powerful way of visualising data to create decision support tools tailored for business needs. TVS SCS believes in a modular approach to supply chain Information systems that are easily configured to underpin specific customer supply chain requirements. It gives the ability to forecast and capture demand as early as possible and have that linked directly to the supply chain, thereby minimising inventory held to help reduce cost, optimise lead time and achieve on-time delivery.

    We are supply chain practitioners and provide value through the exploitation of network data and our industry knowledge. Our approach is to consult in a way that offers a scalable solution to transform the supply chain and logistics through efficiency and visibility to deliver improved performance and a reduction to operating costs. DMAIC is a structured, customer-focused, data-driven approach to problem-solving. The acronym stands for “Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control.” It is often associated with the Lean or Six Sigma business methodologies but can be valuable for any organisation looking to support incremental improvement.


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