The TVS SCS ‘Control Tower’, otherwise called a ‘smart centre’ is a powerful, central hub at the helm of our organisation’s end-to-end data management that caters to visibility needs at different control levels, optimising core supply chain operations, and acts as a single point of contact across warehousing and transportation.

The foundation of the Control Tower is an intelligent software that is developed to convert large amounts of data into usable information. It is a central information point within one supply chain or between multiple supply chains and provides numerous features, such as Hub CCTV, Dock congestion map, mobility functions, vehicle tracking system, and hourly monitoring.


  • Customer Line Protection - Held up Stock, FIFO Process, Window Time Adherence, Vehicle with GPS, Halting, Vehicle Audit.
  • Operational Cost Control - Vehicle placed as per the requirement, Vehicle Capacity Utilisation, Manpower deployed as per plan, Hub Audit, PFEP Audit & Sign offs.
  • Lead Indicators - The Lead indicators are continuously monitored to ensure that interventions are done at the right time to avoid supply chain failures.
  • System works on - lead & lag indicators. Lead indicators ensure intervention is made at the right time to avoid operational failures. Lag indicators ensure effective closure of post-trip completion activities.
  • Deviations are captured - at the beginning of a failure. Data input for CT Dashboard is received from – 1. ERP System, 2. GPS Service providers and 3. Mobile app inputs.



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Provides Value to the end customer

  • Reduction in accidents – (Trips without night halting and Route deviation)
  • Vehicle Transit Status/Window Time adherence.
  • Customer Schedule Receipt 
  • On-time vehicle placement
  • Trips Confirmation Status 
  • Truck Availability
  • Customer Schedule Receipt
  • Trips Confirmation Status
  • Truck Availability
  • The task screen is used to hourly monitor the deviations and resolution.
  • The CT Team monitors the tasks 24*7 to resolve issues.
  • Continuous follow-up is made to avoid failures
  • Escalation sent to the Doer responsible for the task.
  • Escalation sent to the project / Hub In charge.
  • Escalation sent to the Project Business heads or National Hub In-charge.
  • Auto-Escalations are sent out for deviations that occur in each indicator.
  • Escalations are sent out at defined intervals for each indicator if not resolved at the previous level.
  • Escalation is of 3 levels & sent out in a sequence of E1 – E2 – E3
  • The system sends out auto Trigger reports for all line-haul vehicles.
  • The GPS systems linked to our systems keep track of all the line-haul vehicles.
  • The Auto reports are sent out every three hours and contain the current location of the vehicle.
  • The report also contains useful data such as revised ETA, distance to reach destination and delay hours.
  • These reports are circulated to the teams at project locations.
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