Secondary Transportation

TVS SCS has access to a global distribution fleet, working with some of the best and most proficient carriers in the marketplace which means we can ship your product however and whenever you or your customer needs it, at whatever time of day. TVS SCS offers various secondary transportation models, including In-city, full truckload, reverse Milk run, Storage & redelivery, etc., as per customer requirement. We use a Dynamic routing-based In-city model for effective time-bound delivery at an optimal cost within the city—full truckload & consolidation model for scattered long-distance delivery points.

The capability to distribute from warehouses/hubs to plants and factories or manage medium and short-haul transportation is a part of the supply chain—the ability to store material and re-deliver to customers as and when required. A large and varied fleet of dedicated vehicles, allows TVS to scale up or down operations, keeping the supply chain cost optimised for the customers in variable demand periods. Key results are long- or short-term Storage, proper cross-docking, container stuffing/de-stuffing and computerised inventory control. The e-POD and mobile app-based pod confirmation will enhance the delivery visibility for all the stakeholders. Usage of trucks and bikers for the last mile delivery provides excellent flexibility to our customers to effectively reach their customers irrespective of the size of the cargo.

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Key Highlights of the offered service

  • Last mile delivery & fulfilment
  • Same day delivery
  • Dynamic Routing
  • In-city consolidation & delivery
  • E-pod
  • Delivery alerts



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