Removing ComplexityFrom Supply Chain Project Management

When you have defined a straightforward design of your supply chain, and transformation is required to take you to where you want to be, TVS SCS is the partner of choice using our expertise to assist with your project management and implementation support requirements.

Our core values of Trust, Value and Service can be seen through the project delivery we provide to our client base. We deliver industry-leading project management, ensuring the performance of projects exceeds client expectations making us the partner of choice for any supply chain project management requirements.

We understand that projects vary in scale and complexity and therefore apply our methodology and tailored approach to supply chain implementation projects we work on to ensure the client is receiving the best support possible for their requirements.

We build strong relationships with our clients to gain an understanding of their business, the culture surrounding it and the appetite for change. Clear communication and collaboration with our clients allows us to achieve project outcomes.

We’ve worked on many complex supply chain implementation projects within government departments in the UK, providing significant transformation to their supply chain operations.

TVS SCS sets objectives that we work towards in every project we deliver, ensuring that we achieve the best possible outcome and maximise value for our clients.

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    The benefits of choosing TVS SCS for this service:

    • Expertise - Over 30 years of managing projects on behalf of our clients.
    • Methodical Approach - Combination of best in class project management methodologies i.e. Agile, Traditional, Waterfall and Lean.
    • Results - Objective driven, to achieve the optimum results.
    • Reliable - Our client portfolio will assure you that we can deliver and manage any size project.
    • Technology - Our teams use the most up-to-date tools and techniques to help deliver a project.
    • Scalable - Our approach takes into account future growth plans of your business.
    • Efficient - Reduction in time and money spent on a project.
    • Transparent - Provide you with full project performance.
    • Simplicity - Removing the complexity of projects.
    • Service - Ensure we deliver our client’s satisfaction from the outset.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    Our Project Management Approach

    Project delivery on time and to budget is a crucial enabler of business change. At TVS SCS, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver complex projects and business change programs on behalf of our clients. Our supply chain project management capability combines the principles of APM PMQ with the knowledge and experience of a team of supply chain practitioners and project managers to delivery projects on time.

    TVS SCS uses an agile and pragmatic approach to problem-solving through a range of techniques to overcome complexities and ensure identification, minimisation and mitigation of risks throughout the process of a project. Coupled with flexible post-completion support, ensures projects deliver the planned benefit to the client.

    TVS SCS has established a proven process using critical tools, such as a standardised documentation set, collaboration tools, repeatable business processes and an accompanying process flow library, all of which are underpinned by our project management approach.

    We apply a combination of project management methodologies to implement projects successfully. The overarching project lifecycle reflects traditional project management methodologies, however throughout each stage with an agile approach being taken through iterative solution design and build activities whilst maintaining on-going stakeholder engagement, to collectively and successfully achieve project deliverables.

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    We define a project as a series of tasks and events that need to be completed on time, to cost and quality to achieve the desired outcome. Our projects are a set of inputs and outputs that are specified at the outset to achieve a particular goal.

    When defining a project, we consider the vision of what is trying to be achieved and deliver the goals that want to be reached on that journey. Depending on what methodology is used, the approach to managing the scope of the project will vary during the project life.

    Supply Chain Project Management will help your business plan, manage and complete the necessary tasks to achieve your goals. A centralised repository for all dependencies, assumptions and plans will enable you to track milestones and deliverables. Co-ordination, centralisation and collaboration of resource will realise the benefits of project savings and improved quality.

    Implementing Project Management into your business will improve the chances of the transformation being a success. You will be able to manage your resource, ensuring efficient use and budget accordingly. Ultimately you will reduce or even eradicate waste due to poor performance, inconsistencies in product and lost time.

    Our Project Managers are always focussed on the big picture and how their project aligns to business objectives. Communication with all stakeholders is the key to success. The use of the right methodology combined with the right technology and increase efficiency. Project Initiation Documents need to be flexible and used as a handrail rather than frozen and set. This flexibility allows for the unknowns and unforeseen to be quickly evaluated, and their outcomes rapidly incorporated into the next phase of planning. The military adage “No plan survives first contact” is apt in Project Management, and our Project Managers are flexible to ensure continued success.

    Effective collaboration is about effective communication, not just about more meetings. At TVS SCS, we encourage our colleagues and the client to provide input and feedback all the time. We offer a collaborative environment for them to excel and empower at the right levels. The use of collaborative tools ensures that unnecessary time delays are avoided.

    All projects are measured on time, cost and quality in some form. Once a project has been agreed and approved, the cost will likely become the most significant constraint on the scope. At TVS SCS, we have proven cost-cutting methodologies to address the value of resource, product and contracts. We are supply chain practitioners and have been managing costs in supply chains for over 30 years. Our Project Managers can reach-back into the business to draw upon global purchasing experts to source and contract the same if not better product.

    If your business decides to undertake a change or transformation from your Business As Usual (BAU) model, then you are creating a project. Any project needs proper management to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. Managing these temporary changes to your BAU model may not be your core competency so you may require professional support. These projects will evolve from a specific project into a new product, service or offering whereby you will incorporate it into your business as usual. Most companies don’t need an existing capability of Project Management; they need professional support as and when required.

    By applying a flexible approach to Project Management, you can expect to see a demonstrable increase in your competitive edge. Better management of resource and the reduction of waste is just the start of what can be achieved. At TVS SCS, we take a view of our clients business through the development of a Target Operating Model. This allows our Project Managers to demonstrate the interdependencies between Strategy, Organisation, Process, Data and the Information Systems currently employed. Any change to the Target Operating Model has to consider the interdependencies and communications across all stakeholders and ensure they are included.

    The success of any project and its Project Manager can be measured in many ways, traditionally by time, cost and quality. You can add to those criteria through, customer satisfaction, supply chain performance and an increase in the bottom line. Successful Project Management can also be measured in intangible benefits such as improved morale of the workforce or better process. Through the project, you may have introduced new technology or software that has made the workforce more efficient, ensuring they have time to do their roles properly.

    Part of the decision process is to align the project to your Strategy, Organisation, Processes, Data and Information or Target Operating Model. Our Project Managers will help define the initial scope of the project then align the project goals and milestones to that Target Operating Model. This ensures the outcomes provide additional value aligned to your strategic objectives.


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