providing visibility of datato support making the right business decisions

The Msys.BDA or business data analytics platform provides TVS SCS with much more than a standard reporting tool.

TVS SCS’ BDA reporting system is just one element of the broader Msys toolset. This tool allows us to go beyond producing standard reports and dashboards and offers the user many benefits. These include dynamic dashboards with drill-through functionality, geospatial mapping of the customer’s activity and the ability to train the tool to understand the user preferences in terms of visualisations.

The ability to accept multiple data feeds from customers globally, including alternative data sources such as news, weather or IT security updates provides a more comprehensive report to understand the full impact of these variables. A more intuitive interface shortens the training effort, increases user uptake and drives more client focus through data insights and availability. Whilst providing efficiency for users by making repeatable tasks automated.

Msys.BDA is built on data lake technology that includes Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)functions as standard, creating a more lean and agile work environment. TVS SCS has developed the Msys.BDA tool to pull data from each of the Msys applications providing real-time/snapshot feeds this capability offers full visibility of supply chain performance across the TVS SCS customer base.

At an absolute minimum reporting includes financial, contract activity and KPI reporting; together with any additional management information required for decision making, enabling a suite of reports to be available from the start of the contract.

Msys.BDA extracts data points from numerous system modules and consolidates them into one single platform, allowing our customer to visualise performance data along each step throughout the supply chain in one location. During the implementation of a new contract, TVS SCS will configure Msys.BDA to create the suite of reports specific to meet the customer requirement, which is agreed during the negotiation phase of this procurement.

This approach allows the client to take advantage of our experience and utilise this tool to undertake continuous improvement activities. Our established procedures and processes underpin our ability to improve and perform to the required service levels consistently.

TVS SCS recognises that Msys.BDA benefits not just our customers but also our employees; they make decisions every day that affect our clients. How they prioritise work, what needs attention and what doesn’t, these decisions are facilitated by the data around them. In addition to having dedicated analysts, TVS SCS has invested in a vast continuous training program for employees in the business focused on how Msys.BDA can benefit our client’s and their roles. TVS SCS believe by developing our employee’s it will make them more efficient and customer-focused. Through continuous employee development and training, we are able to operate more efficiently in maintaining our customer-centric focus.

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    The benefits of choosing TVS SCS for this service:

    • Visibility - Gives a view of the full end-to-end supply chain.
    • Secure - All data in our secure environment is protected and proven through our ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications.
    • Responsive - Intuitive, mobile-ready platform, works anywhere with an internet connection.
    • Flexibility - Custom Dashboards can be created to display data as required.
    • Integrated - Fully integrated with TVS SCS’ suite of applications.
    • Business Intelligence - Real-time data visualisation and reporting.
    • Transparent Results - Can supply reports related to Contract KPIs & Performance.
    • Innovation - AI and automation to generate data and reports.
    • Data quality - Using all the data collected in the supply chain consolidated to give a true state of the supply chain.
    • Future Proof - Make accurate business decisions based on good quality data.

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    What is a data lake, and what does it mean at TVS SCS?

    Our developers have been developing the data lake technology supporting Msys.BDA by introducing new data feeds, AI explorations and design features.

    The principle of a data lake is often compared to a body of water; it’s large and fairly unstructured and can come from a variety of feeds. The data lake is the same; it accepts feeds from various sources and data types. The outflow of the water out of the lake represents the data analysed which enables business insights.

    TVS SCS has many applications and a diverse range of clients with different needs. Our clients regularly come to us in a situation where they feel they have either lost control of their data or are looking for advice and guidance on how to help them manage it, by employing the Msys.BDA tool over the data lake, which will include data feeds from TVS SCS applications, and the customer feeds too we can help them take control of their data and make more informed decisions about their supply chain.

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    The benefits of having data analytics in the supply chain can be paramount. It allows customers to be more strategic as they can view data from all areas of the end-to-end supply chain. As well as improving the ability to strategise, it enables users to visualise where their cash is tied up, demand, stock on order, stock consumed and stock sat in the warehouse. This gives customers the ability to take full control of their supply chain.

    The only limit is the user’s imagination, if The data is available it can be displayed in Msys.BDA through a number of user-created dashboards. The data lake technology facilitates this. Real-time and snapshot views in reports, dynamic dashboards, user stories and explorations are the basic outlines of the tool capabilities. These provide a global view of business performance which can be scheduled at the client’s request.

    Each client has different needs, TVS SCS have some standard reports which the client can take advantage of to support a quick deployment, but from there the right solution for the client can be refined. Web access is available for clients; this web page can be customised to include the customer themes/logos and pictures. The tool even automatically trains itself to understand the user’s preferences when developing reports and dashboards.

    Having good quality data is imperative to promote growth within the business as it allows you to make more accurate business decisions. Often companies have a wealth of data but no real system to collect and maintain the data, thus limiting business intelligence and growth as it’s hard to understand what the current state of the business is.

    The ability to successfully manage data, strict data governance guidelines need to be outlined to all employees to ensure the integrity of data is upheld. Good quality data can then be fed into a reporting and analytics tool which will allow you to report on performance and KPIs.

    Msys.BDA (Business Data Analytics) pulls data from across the TVS SCS Msys suite of systems; enabling comprehensive reports to be compiled combining a variety of data sources. This is how we provide our customers with full visibility of the supply chain. We can also integrate Msys BDA with multiple third-party applications pulling and displaying data from customers’ applications.

    Yes, like all Msys applications, our Business Data Analytics software can be integrated into third-party applications to display data, create dashboards and build reports.



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