TVS SCS offers a comprehensive Asset Recovery services providing rapid logistics and engineering support and expertise to businesses that are looking to optimise the process of recovering, decommissioning, data wiping and reselling assets.

Our experienced team can either manage an entire project planning and coordinate all the communications, warehousing, transportation and repair or destruction services necessary or support you on one specific aspect of your Asset Recovery requirement.

Unlike most solutions offered by other asset recovery specialist TVS SCS owns and manages a national network of distribution centres, technical engineers, couriers and repair workshops. These resources ensure our clients avoid third party mark-ups and the lack of ‘ownership’ that can result in costly delays or errors when using multiple third-party suppliers as part of a supply chain strategy.

You may only be looking to ensure that you decommission your IT assets in line with best practice to protect your company data and meet environmental and sustainability goals. However, it is worth noting, that increasingly businesses are benefiting financially from integrating refurbished IT assets back into their operational infrastructure or reselling them.

Not only can we dispose of your IT hardware, but we can also provide a complete review of how refurbishing, repairing, or reselling your IT assets could maximise your initial investment.

We offer well established and proven processes to responsibly and cost-effectively manage the redeployment of technology assets within your infrastructure.

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    • Proven - A proven track record for recovering value from end of life cycle assets creating potential new revenue sources for your business.
    • Rapid - The rapid recall and replacement of assets that have failed Increasing the speed of upgrade projects designed to replace and audit recovered assets for disposal, refurbishment or resell.
    • First Time Fix - Increasing the first-time delivery/fix rate of replacement products to your customers as part of an asset warranty or recovery program.
    • Compliance - Manage your project within legislative requirements of government regulatory agencies.
    • Contract Ownership - Full contract ownership through TVS SCS' owned distribution, transport and technical engineer networks.

    Significant recent and ongoing investment in information technology has provided TVS SCS with a highly advanced, fully integrated stock and order management system called TRACE, which offers full visibility to clients at all stages of each transaction.

    The TRACE application has been developed by TVS SCS specifically for the spare parts logistics sector, providing the levels of tracking and reporting which are required in order to demonstrate adherence to demanding SLA’s and optimise the value of assets.

    TRACE links together all our distribution networks, FSL, PUDO’s and Lockers, our National Courier Fleet as well as our Technical Engineers and Repair Workshops.

    We have designed a user interface that is simple but gives users full transparency of their entire inventory at whatever stage a particular part is in within the Forward or Reverse logistics cycle.

    Key functions that TRACE provides includes:

    Integrates directly into TVS SCS National Same Day Courier network.
    Providing continuous seamless and accurate transfers of information in both directions – eliminating the need for double keying.

    Automatic exceptions are trigged on TRACE to alert of an issue or alert of the possibility of an issue.

    Provides Live Worldwide Stock Visibility supporting time zones and all countries throughout the world.

    A unique ID can be assigned to a physical part and this ID remains with the part through its life within the warehouse or wherever it is shipped.

    An example of where this a benefit is when a part is shipped to a repairer, within TRACE it is possible to see that the ID has been repaired previously in the past but was returned as DOA (dead on arrival) from the engineer. This means it was not repaired correctly in the first instances and is within guarantee, so a second charge is not made.

    The system allows the storing of a customer’s defective stock which is segregated by type (DOA, pending scrap, re-boxing required, set for resale, for internal review, etc.) Your assets can be stored in bulk and then shipped to a repairer, scrapped, sold to a broker or sent to a repair workshop for review based on your specific requirements.

    Within the TRACE system, users can assign a process to a returned part depending on its status, and when it arrives at the return hub it is automatically forwarded to the correct location.

    Labels are processed in TRACE (attached to the order for shipping) and can be configured by account/country to incorporate customer and/or carrier information.

    As an asset passes through the TVS network, they are scanned at each delivery point. For a PUDO delivery, the last scan to complete the order will be a scan to the engineer. Each engineer will have a TRACE ID card to which the part is scanned, and this completes the order.

    Users are able to enter ETA’s, Revised ETA’s and POD’s to update and close orders. The order is then always up to date for the customer.

    With the scanning, manual updates and carrier imports into TRACE, all of this information as soon as it comes into TRACE, it is able to be sent out to the customer system (via an interface).

    TRACE is a web-based system that can be accessed easily, quickly, at any time (24/7/365) and from any location in the world with an internet connection and a browser. It does not require installation of any software.
    The system can interface with both standalone/in-house customer systems and out of box (OOB) systems.
    TRACE can be integrated into customers systems; it has both specific customer interfaces and a generic interface (GI) that any customer can use. A GI is able to be set up quickly, and the flow of information from the customer system to TRACE and vice versa can begin immediately.

    To exchange messages with a carrier so that details of transactions carried out by a carrier can be made visible via our portal.

    To interface with other Administrative and operational systems used by the operator such as Financial Systems, vehicle tracking or automated sorting systems.

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