AutomaticDesign tool

Personalisation as per the customer’s requirement is the sole purpose of this TVS SCS homegrown vehicle design optimisation service. This service uses the customers’ dispatch plan, which, for the different mix and quantities of products available for dispatch, identifies the right type of vehicle, the number of vehicles required, and what quantity and mix of products need to be loaded.

We offer a centralised system to handle the complete indent process from pre-transaction to transaction level with high-level control on vehicle placements and the digital document flow. The customers receive huge benefits with this tailor-made design service for various supply chains where the vehicle is one of the biggest cost optimisers. Furthermore, it brings in visibility to the capacity and volume utilisation of each vehicle, thereby increasing the profit per vehicle.


  • Input - Planned SKU and dispatch quantity (Source: Customer API, SAP Portal, Exchange of Email).
  • Customisation - Specific to customer requirement- 1. Kitting: Tyres 2. Stacking: Box material
  • Optimisation - Converting dispatch material into its weight and volume and match it with best fit vehicle
  • Output - 1. Right vehicle type and numbers 2. Vehicle Loading Plan
  • Integration - Ability to integrate machine learning to source best vendors and vehicle for long term profitability

Adding Value to the customer

  • Competitive rates in the market for each trip and seamless vehicle tracking
  • Advance payments and reduction in the cost of operations
  • Better visibility to control daily profits
  • Facilitate escalation and decision making



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