We have developed in-house software development capabilities, in addition to investing in leading third-party software, which allows us to utilise our deep knowledge and experience of customers’ pain points to construct robust and flexible technology services for our customers’ needs. Our strategy is to continue to develop on our in-house technology platform and at the same time, search for and invest in third-party new generation tech solutions to integrate with our core technology platform. Our technology architecture has enabled us to integrate the technology we have acquired over the years.

i-Loads. i-Loads is a transportation management system which we use for the transportation vertical for our ISCS segment to optimize vehicle and transportation planning and dispatch to improve delivery rates and on-time delivery and reduce intra-city transportation costs.

As a complete end-to-end mobile platform, i-Loads acts as a marketplace connecting fleet owners with logistics service providers who are looking for vehicles to fulfil logistics needs on a real-time basis through the seamless interfacing of three key aspects of the transportation network: (i) fleet owners (mobile); (ii) logistics service provider (ERP); and (iii) enterprise transport vendor management solution. It also allows users to access key logistics information and dispatch vehicles through an ‘all-in-one’ platform. Further, the use of i-Loads in our operations allows us to seamlessly complete everyday tasks from allocating and dispatching trucks, handling payment to vendors, tracking trips for achieving on-time delivery, billing to performance reporting. In addition, i-Loads feeds transportation operational data to our control tower for effective transport operations management.

Visibility. Visibility has been designed to service the complete suite of warehouse management including full inventory management, data visualization and analytics within a complete warehouse management system with the aim of improving order fulfilment rates, optimizing inventory utilisation, reducing inventory obsolescence and reducing labour requirements.

Visibility provides an integrated and modular warehouse system that covers various aspects of warehouse operations and offers the ease of configuration and a degree of convenience through its seamless integration with a customers’ enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) system. Utilization of our technology, which can scan multiple units at a time as compared to conventional barcode systems which requires line-of-sight, results in complete visibility of inventory/ stock keeping units (“SKUs”) and allows users to optimise inventory and ordering cycles based on their specific needs. Additional support tools/ functions such as in-store management, reporting and labelling, supply chain analytics and dashboards are also provided through Visibility to enable dynamic fulfilment. In addition, with the capability to scale to high transaction volumes across all warehousing activities, Visibility can support the large configuration of warehouses, regardless of location and breadth of deployments, and further configurable down to the user level.

Msys. Our in-house Msys platform, which we acquired and developed further, is an innovative technology platform that resolves supply chain complexity by using data analytics, standardization, scalability and machine learning (replicability). Msys helps provide the ability to forecast and capture demand as early as possible throughout the supply chain. It aims at minimizing the inventory held, helping in cost reduction, optimizing lead time, and achieving on-time delivery. Msys also supports integration with a wide range of third-party supply chain management software solutions such as SAP and JDA.

TRACE. To support our spare parts logistics operations, we operate the TRACE software. Each item of stock receives its own unique ID reference applied on a bar-coded label (also referred to as a licence plate), which enables us to manage stock with a high degree of accuracy, and enables clients to have a full, transparent and real-time view of every transaction on each part from receipt to final despatch (and return) – including when each individual part was stock checked and by whom. As part of the spare parts warehousing solution, each client is allocated specific bin/ pallet locations in warehouses for its exclusive use.

TRACE only allows stock assigned for that customer to be scanned into that bin/ pallet location. Similarly, when picking, it will only allow stock assigned to that client account to be picked. This has allowed us to have a high stock accuracy figures across our entire customer base in national distribution centres and field stock locations. The flexibility of TRACE is reflected in its use as the primary warehouse management system by some customers within their own buildings/ facilities. It is also used by clients in large staging and configuration centres that we operate on our client’s behalf.

Courier Alliance. For our TCFMS operations, we developed Courier Alliance, a marketplace for connecting and matching available demand with available supply for speedy completion of last mile delivery. This platform posts jobs on an open platform which allows available couriers to take up the job available and it can also be customized granularly as it can be consolidated by bikes, destination, service engineer, service time or pin code. The utilization of Courier Alliance has helped in reducing manual intervention and increase efficiency.

LCL Consolidator. We have developed a mobile application, LCL Consolidator, which enables decision making on closing of containers based on profitability, volume and weight parameters. It has helped us move to an automated and digital process and communicate in real-time to our sales and operations team. This mobile application provides real-time cargo visibility and suggests the suitable container type with the available cargo as well as helps in converting regular less-than-container load shipment into consolidated.
eConnect. We have developed an online platform, eConnect, which offers 24/7 visibility on goods and data integrity in our GFS operations. The eConnect platform provides easy access to warehousing, order management, account management and shipment management information as well as reporting of certain key performance indicators and financial information.

CargoWise. We manage our GFS operations on a single platform, CargoWise, a third-party technology system, which has been customized for our operations and help us achieve productivity, scalability and security on a global level. It is equipped with configuration tools that helps in automating, managing and simplifying operations, and every task, process or job can be customized and configured to build the unique workflows and processes. CargoWise also enables seamless, real-time visibility into the status of orders and allows customers to track shipment information, reporting tools at shipment, pallet or SKU level.

Through CargoWise, we exchange real-time data and status updates from a single global platform that supports: (i) optimizing the quote to booking process; (ii) monitoring job shipments with ease; and (iii) automating and streamlining end-to-end operations. It provides us with increased control and visibility through deep integration interfaces within and across modules, government systems, third party systems, customers, partners and carriers. It is also equipped with a compliance module to ensure the correct paperwork is submitted in line with the applicable customs regulations, tariffs, local tax rules and other laws and regulations.

Other Third-Party Software. In addition, we utilize various other third party software in our operations, including: (i) Ramco Virtual Works (RVW), an enterprise cloud computing platform, which we utilize as our backend ERP system for payroll, facility management and general administrative purposes in addition to serving as a business services repository; (ii) Oracle Hyperion Financial Management system, which assists in financial consolidation and reporting from our various entities spread across multiple geographies; (iii) Salesforce, which we utilize for marketing initiatives, increasing customer engagement and providing greater visibility on growth; and (iv) Darwin Box, a human resource management system, which we utilize to bring transparency and visibility on targets and goals as well as automate various human resources work streams.



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