TVS SCS aims to create a valuable supply chain system through sustainable digital transformation. Our holistic enterprise digitisation initiative helps in bringing truly world-class customer experiences via the platform and products that are developed by our product teams as well as solutions and applications like our Chatbots with tailored Business Intelligence Dashboards for smart decision-making. It provides both customers and our internal management teams with the needed visibility on the information and tools to make quick strategic decisions as required.


  • Consolidated View - of the data with a tailor-made template.
  • Reporting Process - Accelerating the reporting process, thus, saving a lot of time. Every step of the process is digitally interconnected, optimising the overall execution.
  • Planning - Accurate prediction of the existing business scenario and helps in better planning for the upcoming cycle. Wait times are immensely reduced and help in cost savings.
  • Analytics - Real-time customer analytics helps in assessing their purchase behaviour, ensuring the right focus on the right clients.
  • User Friendly - Easy tracking of KPIs and actionable insights through a user-friendly interface thus improving the accessibility to the information.



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