Empowered by our artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics capabilities, our algorithms make informed decisions at every level of our business, providing real-time data analytics to optimize network density and equipment utilization across our entire network. This improves customer service, operational efficiency and load optimization. We have also utilized machine learning extensively to build various capabilities, including intelligent geo-location, network design, route optimisation, load aggregation, ETA (estimated time of arrival) prediction and product identification.

Our predictive analytics and intelligent decision-making add significant value for customers, particularly in industries where seasonality drives high volumes through outbound and inbound logistics processes. We have developed analytics that predict future surges in demand using a combination of data histories and customer forecasting.

We collect, structure, store and process vast amounts of transaction and environmental data. By leveraging the access to a large amount of data and our analytical processing capabilities, we incorporate our learnings into customer solutions. We believe our ability to process and act upon data is a key competitive advantage and differentiator.

In addition, we utilise internet of things (“IoT”) systems to create a smarter and more connected in-logistics network. By leveraging our advanced IoT sensors that automatically track and analyse physical assets such as equipment, inventory location and stock levels, we enable customers to improve their efficiency.



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