Effortlessly manage your supply chain.Connect. Integrate. Automate.

Our digital shipment tracking and management platform, eConnect, has just received a cutting-edge upgrade, making it the ultimate solution for your logistics needs. Seamlessly integrated with our cloud-based data warehouse, eConnect empowers you with unparalleled control over your shipments, warehousing, and everyday logistics, 24/7.

Integrated online platform for supply chain visibility

Providing real-time, accurate data and intuitive analytics enables proactive supply chain management. Shaped by user feedback, our customer-centric platform guarantees ease of navigation and complete control, offering:

24/7 visibility of your goods down to the order item level
Data integrity from our common operating systems
Bespoke reporting of KPIs and financial information

eConnect offers enhanced transparency and control to help you make informed decisions and reduce costs & lead times. Our latest customer-focused features were specifically designed with this in mind:

  • Customisable homepage: See what matters most at a glance from an intuitive user interface with flexible widgets.
  • Cutting-edge analytics displayed on a state-of-the-art Power BI dashboard; make data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • Easy access to shipping documents, invoices & statements of accounts; all downloadable.
  • Warehouse inventory and shipment milestones for enhanced visibility and precision tracking.
  • Personalised watchlist: Prioritise your shipments and get real-time updates on arrivals, departures and delays.

The ultimate solution for your logistics needs

eConnect’s latest upgrade is just the first of many for our Global Forwarding Solutions network as we continuously expand our offering of
Digital Customer Solutions. Our commitment to innovation, and investment in the latest technologies, means we’re always exploring new ways
to improve, always testing, and always evolving. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, working hand-in-hand with our customers, incorporating feedback, driving progress and shaping the future of freight management.

Join the future

We believe that the key to success is a combination of market-leading technology, industry expertise, and a customer-first approach. Join us and experience the difference first-hand.

How you benefit from our online platform and integrated systems

  • Improved service - You are updated with the latest information
  • On-the-go - Access the data that matters the most wherever you are
  • Control - Leverage transparency driven by technology to better understand and optimise your supply chains
  • Efficiency - Enjoy cost optimisation thanks to the added efficiency powered by common platforms and processes
  • Integration - We use industry-leading technology products to enable sophisticated integration with your systems
  • Analysis - By operating on a unified platform across the network, we provide you with a deeper insight into your supply chain performance



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Enjoy 24/7 shipment visibility and live access to your data via our online desktop dashboard.

We maintain data integrity thanks to our GFS network running on unified software platforms. This means you only need one login to access warehousing, order management, account management and shipment management information on the desktop platform.

Desktop dashboard login for existing customers.



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