Dock allocation application and Consignment tracking

TVS SCS’s inhouse built Dock Allocation Application ensures effortless, accurate and timely dock allocation thereby increasing operational efficiency.

The consignment tracking feature allows the drivers to reach out to the destination warehouse and book a dock as they reach closer to their destination, provided they satisfy certain pre-defined conditions. Vice versa, from the other perspective, the destination warehouse will also be able to block a dock for inbound vehicles. It further enriches the customer service by eliminating customer’s anxiety with an added advantage of ensuring the safety of assets.


  • Responsive - Allows the drivers to reach out to the destination warehouse and book a dock swiftly.
  • Efficient - Allows the destination warehouse to block a dock for vehicles that are inbound.
  • Control - The real time visibility on dock congestion and vehicle ETA adherence and transparency brought in by the system.
  • Accuracy - Ensures correct resource availability at the dock and improves the overall efficiency.
  • Visiblity - Improved productivity and employee traceability.

Adding Value to the customer

  • Prevention of detention and halting
  • Brings in visibility and avoids loss of time waiting on the dock
  • Driver’s ability to advance book a dock
  • Smooth transition of unloading/ loading
  • Can be given as a combination of web/mobile applications



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