We have been able to achieve significant business growth and scale by following the ‘C3 Framework’ and implementing the strategies of encirclement, new business development and acquisitions, which has led to:

Growth in our existing core sectors. We have been able to grow in our existing core sectors, such as automotive, industrial and consumer sectors, by offering our capabilities to existing customers in new geographies as well as by offering capabilities to new customers engaged in such industries.

Scout for adjacent sectors. We have the ability to take a common set of processes, capability and technology, and customize them for a new set of customers to solve complexity of their business. We have leveraged this and developed capabilities to address adjacent segments, such as the electric vehicle sector as an adjacency to the automotive sector and smart metering as an adjacency to the utilities sectors.

Pivot to new age and fast emerging sectors. We further develop our existing capabilities and technology infrastructure and leverage them to pivot into new sectors such as electric vehicles, health tech, clean energy and utilities. For example, we leveraged our ability of inventory purchase, technology services and time critical services for the healthcare sector. Further, in the United Kingdom, we won a contract where we deployed our NS capabilities for managing reverse logistics of COVID-19 test samples.