intelligent architecture to promote an agile supply chaintailored to your requirements

The drive for intelligent systems to support the end-to-end supply chain continuously increases as the ability to gather, store, access and analyse data grows exponentially. The TVS SCS Msys architecture provides customers with a leading end-to-end logistics and supply chain information platform that extends across multiple tiers of the supply chain gathering data from various sources with a focus to drive standardisation with increased visibility and efficiency.

As companies grow, the need for visibility and control of the supply chain and all related data becomes more prominent. Our software solutions give clients a full view of their end-to-end operations whilst maintaining data integrity and providing the ability to create custom reporting dashboards to monitor critical areas.

Msys provides a modular approach to supply chain information systems architecture that is easily configured to underpin specific customer supply chain requirements.  It provides the ability to forecast and capture demand as early as possible throughout your supply chain. It minimises inventory held helping to reduce costs, optimise lead time and achieve on-time delivery.

Our software package has been built with supply chain practitioners in mind. We combine our supply chain knowledge and expertise with our appetite for bringing innovation to the industry. This allows us to deliver a solution to complement all areas of the supply chain end-to-end, thus creating value.

Our 30 years plus experience developing this software solution means we have been able to refine our product to include enhanced, standard industry requirements and scalability, giving our clients the flexibility they want as part of a supply chain solution.

Well-proven integration with a wide range of recognised IT enterprises such as SAP and Oracle provides our clients with the assurance that Msys provides a dedicated platform to optimise the performance of their supply chain with a secure and resilient solution.

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    The benefits of choosing TVS SCS for this service:

    • Tailored - Msys architecture provides a modular approach to Information Systems and can be customised to suit specific requirements.
    • Data Governance - Ensuring all your data is accurate and relevant to what you want to achieve.
    • Secure - Demonstrated through our ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.
    • Intuitive - Created with simplicity in mind to minimise training requirements.
    • Integrated Solution - Our software supports integration with third-party supply chain management software solutions.
    • Efficiency - Automates tasks to increase performance and reduce costs.
    • Control - Giving full visibility and cost control of the supply chain.
    • Innovation - New features added regularly to add value to our customers Support.
    • Support - Our software solution is supported by our team of Information Systems service delivery managers.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    Our Msys Architecture:

    TVS SCS’ product data application provides ultimate control over product data. It drives the continual processes of product data capture and cleansing, as well as using Msys.PDM’s integral workflow management function to drive the new item introduction and engineering change management processes. This application incorporates manufacturing bill of material conversions to aftermarket catalogue specification, product illustrations, multi-language translations and supersession control.

    Web-based Parts catalogue and customer ordering platform, providing accurate, real-time data. This content-rich catalogue capability can improve the efficiency of a client’s supply chain through enhanced product identification, detailed workflow, full traceability and full stock check capability.

    A full Enterprise Resource Planning application covers the entire logistics lifecycle, optimising the flow of data across the supply chain.

    Fully integrated demand forecast planning, procurement, sales order, commercial management, inventory management and transport.

    Msys.ERP is a TVS SCS’ application that drives the entire logistics lifecycle; procurement, inbound, outbound supported by financial ledgers.

    A systems integration toolkit which facilitates transmission of message sets across the Msys modules and also to external customer systems providing secure transmission of messaging without the need for costing interfaces.

    Utilises real-time information to optimise the throughput, performance and accuracy of any Warehouse and Distribution Centre’s processes and controls. Full track and Trace functionality, automated warehouse technology integration minimising operative errors, Enhanced Customer Service, fully integrated with the Purchase Ledger and dynamically recalculating storage locations are just some of the benefits of this system.

    Mobile Stock Management (MSM) allows you to optimise deployed assets; it is a real-time resource planning, job scheduling solution that incorporates sophisticated planning systems and job deployment through mobile device technology.

    Deployed to any field-based Engineer workforce, the system provides optimised work routing and data capture of all work undertaken, including asset serial numbers of replaced equipment and energy usage.

    Msys Business Data Analytics is a decision support tool that integrates all the data captured across the Msys platform and other 3rd party sources allowing analysis and exploration in support of business decision making. It enables informed decision making as part of any users role.

    A Demand Forecast & Planning Solution developed by TVS SCS to reduce client inventory and deliver substantial improvements in product availability.

    Integrates suppliers and manufacturers to the end to end supply chain allowing automated supplier engagement. The portal manages supplier engagement with all purchase information enabling them to manage the level of stock they deliver and schedule amendments to keep product supply levels constant.

    Is a highly tailored platform which offers production facility inbound material control to manufacturing production lines. The platform meets OEM requirements and operates on a true just in time basis. Right part, right place, right time.

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    TVS SCS have developed their IT infrastructure with security being a number one priority. We work hard to ensure all data is handled in line with regulations and that formal corporate policies and procedures are in place to govern the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all the data we hold. This is demonstrated in the award of several Defence contracts where security is paramount and through the certification of Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001.

    Due to Msys’ modular design, clients are able to select the modules they require based on their specific requirements.

    Each application is seamlessly integrated and has a different purpose focused on delivering efficiencies, minimising manual processes and helping users make informed decisions.

    Pair our suite of applications with our industry knowledge and expertise and we can provide you with an optimum solution that drives efficient processes, scalable to the growth of your business whilst applying industry best practice to your supply chain. This allows you to focus on your core competency and help work towards gaining a competitive advantage.

    Our commitment to bringing innovation into the supply chain means we can provide a market-leading solution that will help your business gain insight, visibility and control of your supply chain.

    Msys integrates via Msys.ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) to customer and supplier’s systems. TVS SCS can integrate with well-known industry standard systems such as SAP, ORACLE and Sage.

    The Msys suite of applications can be tailored to the customer’s needs. TVS SCS can accommodate and apply custom developments to your requirements giving you full flexibility. The standardised upgrade path of an ‘off the shelf solution’ limits this flexibility as its focused more around optimising the software for the masses as opposed to optimising your individual requirements.

    TVS SCS adopt Information Technology Infrastructure Library standards (ITIL) of support and have a well-developed and documented software development lifecycle (SDLC), which is fully embedded in daily working, using the tools that TVS SCS have adopted as part of working standards.

    As part of a customer onboarding process, TVS SCS provide training programs to the customer to ensure their employees are familiar with TVS’ systems before the launch of the solution.


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