Integrating our freight forwarding and warehousing capabilities to keep your business moving

Integrated Freight Forwarding and Distribution provides seamless international transportation of products from various origins through a cross-dock hub for de-consolidating sorting and consolidating before being delivered to end customers. It combines our freight forwarding services across all transport modes and warehousing capabilities into an integrated solution to transport, sort and deliver products from multiple sources to fulfil the customer order.

Why do customers choose Integrated Freight Forwarding and Distribution?

With our Integrated Freight Forwarding and Distribution, customers will be able to fully outsource the international supply chain of the products from the transportation of products from multiple origins to one or several cross-dock hubs for storage, sortation and outbound distribution to the end customers.

Working closely with our customers through consultation, we offer tailored solutions for Integrated Freight Forwarding and Distribution.

Some key features of our capabilities include international inter- and multimodal transportation of cargo from supply points to hub(s), and cross-dock capable warehouse and value-added services such as storage, sortation and pick/pack. We also offer expertise in outbound distribution, both domestic and international and services in documentation management including proforma invoices, delivery notes and more. Throughout the process, we provide full visibility of the status of the goods and orders from origin to end customer fulfilment.

With Integrated Freight Forwarding and Distribution, customers can overcome challenges, including:

  • The need to set up a warehouse to receive products, store, pick/pack and dispatch orders to end customers
  • The need to transport products to an existing central warehouse for pick/pack and dispatch to end customers located closer to an origin. This less-than-optimal flow increases both costs and lead times from order to fulfilment, further impacting customer satisfaction and business competitiveness
  • Lack of visibility of the status of products received and orders shipped to end customers
  • High administrative efforts in managing trade documents due to lack of information management system support
  • The need for fixed costs in warehouse operations to meet order fulfilment lead times

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    More benefits of TVS SCS Integrated Freight Forwarding Solutions

    • Strategically located - Flexible distribution network through various key trading hubs for consolidation of products, sorting/picking/packing for end customer order fulfilment
    • Reduced lead time - Competitive advantage in fulfilling customer orders with shorter lead times and lower logistics costs
    • Visibility and control - Full visibility and control on inventory and supplier/sales orders status on a single, easy-to-use system
    • Ease of business - A single provider who can provide all transportation and warehousing services into and out of the hubs to suit the business requirements
    • Network capabilities - A comprehensive network of offices and warehouse facilities capable of cross-dock and distribution activities
    • Reporting key data - Visibility and reporting solution that can track a product from supplier to the hub and out from hub to end customer
    • Comprehensive capabilities - A full suite of transportation services across ocean, air and land to suit shipment profile and transit time requirements
    • Backed by talents - Strong operation team to manage the process in accordance to trade requirements

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    Enjoy 24/7 shipment visibility and live access to your data via our online desktop dashboard.

    We maintain data integrity thanks to our GFS network running on unified software platforms. This means you only need one login to access warehousing, order management, account management and shipment management information on the desktop platform.

    Desktop dashboard login for existing customers.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    Global Freight Forwarding Expertise

    We are the experts in moving goods of all kind via air or ocean freight; and we provide an end-to-end solution with our additional, complementary land freight and tailored solutions. With supply chain professionals stationed in our own offices across the network, focused on key logistics hubs, we are where you need us to be. From your supplier to you – we’re fully scaled to your business.


    Due to the availability of different types (customs related) and sizes of cross-dock facilities at various locations, the answer can vary for your needs. We can tailor a solution that meets your business requirements through our global and local expertise. We will be delighted to hear about your challenges and business requirements to offer an optimal solution.

    Yes, visibility is accessible via e-Connect, our online tracking platform that provides up-to-date inventory reports of what products are in transit and in the hub(s)

    We recognise and can provide a shipment booking service to customer-nominated couriers at the hub.


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