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TVS SCS has been providing world-class end-to-end supply chain solution to the automotive sector for over 100 years. We work closely with some of the largest vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers throughout the world, many of which are household names in the car, bus and commercial vehicle market.

Our automotive-related solutions include aftermarket support, spare parts distribution, point of use feeding, Value-add assembly, kitting, and sequencing. Whether you would like a single solution or a complete end-to-end supply chain design, TVS SCS can deploy a customised solution to meet your requirements.

Parts provision – Original Equipment (OE) or Aftermarket, is supported through Inventory Planning, allowing for reduced inventory costs while preserving service levels and parts availability. It is creating a supply chain that is responsive throughout the product lifecycle, global procurement, Warehousing and Distribution to support dealer and distribution networks and supporting line side.

Our engineering and operational experts specialise in deploying lean solutions supported by industry-leading error proofing technology. From complex sequencing services to value-add assembly, every solution is custom engineered to optimise the throughput on your assembly line.

TVS SCS’s experienced engineering and operational teams have designed and implemented data-backed and quality-focused automotive solutions. Each solution is tailored based on each customer’s specific requirements to ensure a seamless flow of material to the customer’s operations. With a clear focus on the seamless sync of operational data, TVS SCS can design the most optimal and quality-focused solutions for our customers. Our solutions and controls engineers work with your ERP systems to design and implement customised call triggers, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of material to our customer’s facility.

TVS SCS take a collaborative approach with our customers to ensure growth and innovation. Continuous improvement and supporting their growth targets is key.

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    Our experience in the Automotive sector at a glance

    • Optimisation - Reduction in inventory and risk.
    • Availability - Improved service through demand forecast planning.
    • Transparency - Giving you full visibility and control of your supply chain.
    • Tailored Approach - Our solutions are built with your requirements at the forefront of what we offer.
    • Scalable - Our solutions are designed with growth in mind.
    • Flexible - Flexible solutions to compliment business model.
    • Innovative - Technology-driven solutions.
    • Accuracy - Reduce stagnant stock and parts returns through accurate planning and ordering platform.
    • Experience - Over 100 years’ experience in the automotive sector.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    Moving to a new normal with Electric Vehicles

    Renewable energy sources are shaping every industry, and the automotive industry is no different. It has seen a growth in the electrification of the automotive sector. This demands service provision to support it from Electric Vehicle (EV) battery technology – lithium-ion batteries, to the growth of a national EV charging infrastructure. This growth has disrupted the more traditional automotive supply chain and aftermarket elements as it presents transport and recycling challenges.

    Moving to a new normal with Electric Vehicles

    The demands that the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector places on its supply chain are far greater than that of the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) automotive sector. Lithium batteries, for example, require dedicated isolated storage, secured away from other warehouses in case of fire. The transport requirements also require special attention.

    Moving to a new normal with Electric Vehicles

    Due to the nature of the batteries in terms of size and weight, consideration needs to be given to the management of aftermarket support, as dealers will not keep stocks of spare batteries on-site. In addition, due to the Value of the batteries, having an authorised diagnostics, repair and remanufacturing facility within your supply chain is essential in providing the full support that the Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers need.

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    Within the automotive industry, TVS SCS has seen many problems faced by car, bus and commercial vehicle manufacturers, and tier-one suppliers with regards to supply chain and aftermarket support.

    Within the EV market, the demand for service provision support and electric vehicle infrastructure is far higher than that of traditional automotive manufacturers and tier-one suppliers. The technology used to create and maintain these vehicles and their infrastructure is putting a strain on traditional supply chain operations.

    For many years TVS SCS has been supporting the automotive industry by providing services such as Aftermarket support which involves the management of spare parts for vehicles, Value add assembly which offers automotive clients an agile ordering and delivery model and kitting and sequencing which involves grouping commonly consumed parts together to ease the complexity of ordering individually.

    If you are exploring outsourcing as an option, you can get in touch with us using the form below. One of our experts will be in touch with you to discuss the issues you are facing and start to look at what we can offer to help you get your business to where it needs to be.

    If you don’t want to look at a full outsourced solution, we offer a consultancy service whereby we can give you our expert advice on areas of your supply chain you may need to build on. To view our consultancy services please Click Here.

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