Combining intermodal and multimodal methodsto move your cargo internationally

Intermodal transportation involves the transportation of cargo utilising an intermodal container, through different modes of transportation, with minimal handling of the goods when changing modes. By simplifying the process of cargo handling, intermodal transportation offers improved security of your goods, mitigating the risk of damage or loss, whilst also reducing overall lead times. 

How does Intermodal/Multimodal work?

A typical intermodal transportation solution involves the combination of truck and rail or ocean and rail. Rail is a common intermodal transportation mode and solution due to its reliability. Across parts of North America and Europe, the rail network for cargo freight is extensive, allowing for a reduction of costs over long distances compared to road trucking, while remaining comparable for transit times.

Multimodal transportation refers to the movement of cargo from origin to the final destination over multiple modes of transportation, performed under a single contract or Bill of Lading. Typical multimodal transportation solutions are ocean-air and air-road combinations. The key difference in Multimodal transport is that cargo may be handled during the transfer from one transport mode to another.

Global forwarding expertise

Intermodal and multimodal transportation solutions are an essential aspect of expert freight forwarding and management services. Our global freight forwarding network is located at key logistics hubs in the Asia-Pacific, India, Europe and Oceania, offering our customers full visibility and control over their cargo as it moves across the globe.

The key benefits of our Intermodal and Multimodal transportation solution are:

  • Faster than pure ocean freight and more economical than pure air freight
  • Flexible and customised solution for different customer needs, including mode selection and routing that optimises lead-time and cost-effectiveness
  • Single coordination point to plan and execute the process seamlessly across the various transportation modes and transloading activities as required
  • Operational capability and robust processes ensure that shipments are consolidated, loaded, handled and de-consolidated with the best practices and care
  • Detailed research and solution development for large ad hoc projects which have no standard routings
  • Attractive option during peak season congestion or transport route disruption
  • Reduction in CO2 emission due to lower fuel consumption with the usage of rail transport

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    More benefits of Intermodal and Multimodal transportation solution with TVS SCS:

    • Expertise - Leverage our vast network and transportation options backed by the know-how and experience of our product teams
    • Compliant - Rely on our customs clearance expertise to perform necessary in-transit clearance for your cross border movements
    • Frequency - Lower shipping costs through utilisation of available capacities and frequency of services on busy shipping routes
    • Planning and processes - Robust operations process and teams at key locations to plan and manage the solution
    • More options - Access to a wide range of transportation options and schedules
    • Ease of business - Single coordination point to plan and execute with support of global system

    Welcome to eConnect – 24/7 Online Tracking Platform

    Our global freight forwarding network integrates our eConnect online track and trace with the CargoWise IT platform. We use this across our entire international business to provide you with seamless 24/7 shipment visibility and live access to your data. With eConnect, our airfreight customers also enjoy one login to access other aspects of their business, such as warehousing, order management, account management and shipment management information on the desktop website platform.



    Enjoy 24/7 shipment visibility and live access to your data via our online desktop dashboard.

    We maintain data integrity thanks to our GFS network running on unified software platforms. This means you only need one login to access warehousing, order management, account management and shipment management information on the desktop platform.

    Desktop dashboard login for existing customers.

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    We are the experts in moving goods of all kind via air or ocean freight; and we provide an end-to-end solution with our additional, complementary land freight and tailored solutions. With supply chain professionals stationed in our own offices across the network, focused on key logistics hubs, we are where you need us to be. From your supplier to you – we’re fully scaled to your business.


    Both intermodal and multimodal transport solutions involve two or more modes of transport to move cargo; however, there is a primary difference. In intermodal, each mode uses a different carrier and therefore has a separate contract. On the other hand, multimodal shipping uses two or more modes of transport while under a single contract or Bill of Lading.

    If pure ocean or air freight does not meet your requirements in terms of cost, reliability or transit time, you should always look for multimodal options. Please reach out to us for us to work on possible solutions for your business.

    When there are more transhipment and handling activities in a shipment from origin to the final destination, there may be some additional risk. However, with proper selection of routing, transloading locations and control procedures, these risks can be mitigated. Our solutions are provided with these considerations and supported by our competent operational capabilities.


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