Value added Transportation Solutions

Are you on the lookout for an efficient Transport Management System for your supply chain? We cater to various industries and fulfil your needs.

As part of our integrated transport management system, we offer value-added services by following a ‘plan for every part model’ (PFEP) wherein the volume, weight, source and velocity of supply, frequency and mode of collection for each part is taken and the logistics, collection and supply plan is determined on a dynamic basis and adjusted to the varying production schedules in case of in-bound supply chain transportation.

Our transport management system includes first mile, long haul and last-mile deliveries through milk run, point to point and cross dock, storage and redelivery models including multimodal transportation solutions, i.e., sea, air, road, and multi-modal. As an end-to-end supply chain solutions provider, we also manage our customers’ documentation and compliance processes.

We offer packaging solutions as part of our integrated transport management system enabling movement of inventory from point of origin, to the point of use for our customers. Our integrated packaging solutions are supported by a tracking system that uses ‘Bar Codes/QR Codes’ providing visibility and ensuring optimal utilisation of returnable packaging assets.

We aim at ensuring limited damages during transit and improved efficiency in transportation to our customers by offering customized, and forward and reverse packaging solutions. Our packaging solutions are designed to increase density of truck fill as well as reduce potential transit damages thus resulting in an efficient transport management system for our customers.

Both primary and secondary transportation services are being provided as part of our transport management system.


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