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Logistics Operation Centre and In Plant Logistics Operations

We provide a range of production support solutions which include logistics operation centre and in plant logistics operations. Our capabilities include warehousing, material management, containment and rework, vendor managed inventory management, just-in-time or line feeding, sub-assembly, sequencing and kitting, value-add assembly and intra plant material handling solutions, to customers across multiple sectors. We aim to focus on improving efficiency, productivity and supply chain visibility through real-time transactional data and limiting the risk of line stoppages.

We provide manufacturing support by conducting an engineering study utilising our engineering centre’s resources, consisting of system integration, industrial, quality, control and project engineers. We collect and analyse the operational data, and our engineering team works collaboratively with the customer to design the solution. Once implemented we provide real-time updates for the customer, highlighting any issues or delays and aiming for continuous improvement.

Finished Goods and After Market Fulfilment

With strategically located warehouses, which are operated through leases, across five continents, including in countries such as India, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, United States, Thailand and Australia

we aim at enabling our clients to expand their operations across the globe providing them with flexibility, scalability and competitive advantage. We provide tailored solutions for multiple categories of warehouses, including:

  • Finished Goods Warehousing. We offer service support by leveraging our strategically located warehouses across various international locations and aim at providing customers with speed and accessibility to their markets.
  • Aftermarket or Service Parts Warehousing Solutions. We manage high volumes of SKU’s and manage national, regional and local parts fulfilment centres as well as include delivery of service parts to dealerships and retailers.

Our warehousing solutions are supported by advanced technology systems such as Visibility, Msys, and TRACE and material handling equipment such as forklift trucks, reach trucks and pallet trucks. Further, our warehousing and storage types include contract warehousing, cross-docking, open yard management, rework and refurbish management, multi-user facilities, palletised and racked.

We also provide innovative fulfillment solutions that are tailored to each customer’s supply chain requirements. Our solutions focus on increasing fulfillment productivity and efficiency while also maintaining a high level of quality. Each solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ systems to provide an optimal and accurate flow of operational data. This provides us with the real-time data needed to continually operate an advanced fulfillment solution while simultaneously providing our customers’ full transparency and visibility into the operations.


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