Dedicated in designing and implementing the most efficient and effective solutions for our customers.

TVS SCS provides world-class manufacturing support services to several varying industries from Automotive to Beverage. All solutions are custom-tailored for each customer focused on improving efficiency, productivity, and supply chain visibility through real-time transactional data. Our systems integration and controls engineers provide seamless integration between our systems to ensure our customers receive the right part, at the right time, every time.

Whether you need a Just-In-Time or a Containment & Rework solution, we can design and implement a solution to satisfy your requirements.

TVS SCS provides the following Manufacturing Support Solutions:

  • Containment & Rework
  • Just-in-Time or Point of Use Feeding
  • Maintenance, Repair & Operations
  • Sequencing & Kitting
  • Value-Add Assembly

Each service can be implemented as a stand-alone service or can be combined into one complete solution. Utilising industry-leading technology and error-proofing techniques, TVS SCS can provide one seamless solution focused on keeping your production line moving and eliminating the risk of line stoppages, to increase your manufacturing output.

Our solutions aim to optimise throughput on our customers’ assembly line by collaboratively working together to ensure a seamless material flow.

This begins by launching an engineering study utilising our engineering center’s resources, consisting of the following engineers:

  • Systems Integration
  • Industrial
  • Quality
  • Control
  • Project

Depending on the customers’ desired solution and requirements, TVS SCS will deploy the appropriate resources to collect and analyse operational data. Once the data has been collected and analysed, TVS SCS’ solution engineering team works collaboratively with the customer to design the most efficient and effective solution. Once designed, presented, and approved by the customer, TVS SCS develops a detailed project plan to ensure the solution is implemented without any negative impact on the customers’ operations. Throughout the implementation project, TVS SCS provides real-time updates for the customer, informing them or any issues or delays. Once implemented, dedicated engineers work continuously to find areas for improvements to ensure the most optimal solution for our customer. At TVS SCS, our end goal is to provide total customer satisfaction.

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