October 4, 2020 | Optimisation

Case Study – Inventory Optimisation & Refurbishment

This customer is a world-leading premium alcoholic drinks provider. They operate in over 180 countries around the world and are well known around the globe for their collection of over 200 brands, with many iconic brands including Guinness, Smirnoff and Gordons Gin to name a few.

Over the lifespan of the partnership, the scope of services has developed exponentially with TVS SCS providing a range of value add services to the customer’s spare parts operation, including improved efficiency and a full suite of refurbishment services that increases the life of their assets.

The benefit to the customer is a reduction in their inventory, as well as our hybrid delivery solution which compliments the customer’s engineer efficiency through late cutoff ordering and flexibility in delivery locations. Refurbishing end-of-life items provides the customer with substantial cost-saving benefits as well as contributing towards their green credentials.

To see the full case study, please download it below.

Download full case study
POSTED ON October 4, 2020