March 8, 2023 | Digital Customer Solutions

One of the necessity for any leading business is the ability to optimize their supply chain and operations management effectively. In current scenario companies at global level eventually hits with situations that creates new supply chain challenges for one reason or another, thus company leaders are putting more effort into optimizing supply chain operations to manage the turbulence. Thus the best things for the company leaders is to opt for a digital supply chain consulting that can diagnose the supply chain issues, offer cost-effective solutions, and ensure smooth implementation.

A supply chain-consulting partner helps organisations in adjusting their overall operation strategy and supply chain model under an end-to-end approach to achieve the required levels of customer centricity, agility, resilience, sustainability, and efficiency across global value chain. Therefore, with a highly optimised supply chain businesses are able to introduce innovative solutions and technologies in their entire supply chain process by integrating inventory analytics, social listening tools, and real-time 3PL data sharing.

Integration of businesses with supply chain consulting companies helps in developing a robust, sustainable and implementable end-to-end vision model for their supply chain. Optimised supply chain and operation management brings deep insights across the entire supply value chain, including sourcing, manufacturing, storage, transportation, and end-customer fulfilment. Consultants work closely with companies to introduce key factors like technological advancements and strategic partnerships to accelerate supply chain performance and achieve competitive advancement.

Introduction of technologies in overall supply chain and operations management helps businesses in building efficient and optimised supply chain that improved overall operational efficiency. The end-to-end optimised supply chain can deliver various advantages, which are more or less relevant in different markets and industries. Therefore, working with a strategic mind-set and solution experts will help complete business to improvise their margin and better their bottom line. Some of the key strategies that a supply chain consulting service providers implements across the business to optimise complete operation are:

  1. a) Defining E2E strategic vision and translating business strategy into clear supply chain requirements. Also, helps in evaluating competitive landscape and accordingly providing support to top-management for a business transformational journey.

  2. b) Assess where technologies and systems required in supporting overall operations and developing a clear roadmap for the phased evolution of supply chain model.

  3. c) Develop a demand and forecasting – driven planning and proposing a business-operating model based on real-time demand insights and demand shaping

  4. d) Fully integrated solution provides greater operational speed and flexibility. Sheer volume of data and analytics properly integrate planning with execution in real time.

  5. e) Incorporating technology into supply chain helps organisations to streamline processes, increase visibility, reduce paperwork, and automate specific tasks. It provide data-driven insights into business decisions that helps in building solid foundation which is essential for streamlining supply chain management while also supporting the overall strategy of any business.

  6. f) Automating supply chain processes allows the business to scale and lower costs while enhancing customer experience. Supply chain consultants can implement automation to Inventory management, Selection of suppliers & their on boarding, Selection of facilities in terms of location, Route optimization, Forecasting demand and Foreseeing disruptions and recommendations for mitigating them

  7. g) Optimising complete supply chain helps businesses in tracking the inventory in real time, ensure end-to-end visibility, improvising distribution network and optimize the flow of supply chain data.

  8. h) Developing supply chain efficiency performance metrics to measure overall operational efficiency and identifying the area of improvement

Supply chain consultants defines and implements a cohesive end-to-end supply chain strategy to offer a scalable solution to organisations to transform the business logistics operation and achieving strategic objective of bringing relevant benefits to the organization, suppliers, and customers. The scalable solution offered by supply chain consulting companies helps in transforming the end-to-end operation through efficiency and visibility to deliver improved performance and a reduction to operating costs.

The supply chain consulting companies mainly concentrate on monitoring the inventory and supply flow of materials, liaising with vendors and suppliers, coordinating with different departments to gather necessary data, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the operations, and suggesting actions on areas needing improvement. Furthermore, as a supply chain consultant, they create and recommend business plans, all while adhering to the company’s policies and regulations leading to better inventory management, on-time deliveries, reduced costs across value chain, improved quality of products with better packaging, improve revenue and profitability and improved overall efficiency.

The ultimate goal of businesses in opting for consultant is to operate stable and efficient supply and distribution processes with their suppliers, customers and transport providers. Therefore identifying a correct consulting partner that can manage supply chain at all level and optimise it to its maximum efficiency is the most critical thing and here we at TVS Supply Chain Solutions fits into the criteria.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions is amongst the leading supply chain consulting companies in India offering holistic approach towards supply chain optimization. Our suite of supply chain and operation management consulting services include systems integration, supply chain design and optimization, project management and implementation support, and support industry sectors that experience complex supply chains. We also have expertise in designing and implementing optimal material flow, warehouse design and equipment and labour utilisation solutions and along with that, we also provides consultancy and professional services in demand forecasting and production and inventory planning to enable our customers maximise sales with optimal inventories.

Today, we are amongst the top supply chain consulting companies in India that developed a diverse and powerful portfolio of experience over the period while working with different vertical companies at global level. Our hands-on approach combined with our long-time experience aims at offering a scalable solution to transform the supply chain and operation management through efficiency and visibility to deliver improved performance and a reduction to operating costs.

POSTED ON March 8, 2023