September 20, 2022 | Supply Chain

Supply chain consulting refers to advisory services that aid inventory and administrative optimization. The same includes advisory services such as production planning, demand estimation, procurement planning, inventory management control and warehouse design.

The market is a niche segment in the logistics industry and is highly organized. The barriers to entry in this industry are medium to high. This market is expected to be valued at around US$0.3 billion as of Fiscal 2021 (Source: RedSeer Report) and is expected to grow fast in the coming years as businesses are looking at the supply chain as a strategic moat and not a cost centre and industry players are increasingly looking for an umbrella service provider – experts and SCM consultants who can work as advisors and implementors with the necessary expertise.

The SCM consulting companies in India cater to key sectors: Automotive, chemical, consumer goods, fashion and apparel, logistics service providers, manufacturing, and healthcare retail. COVID-19 has impacted some end-use sectors negatively because of the cash crunch in the industry, while other sectors have seen a surge in demand as the sectors (ex-healthcare) were positively impacted by COVID-19.

We at TVS SCS leverage our long operating history and knowledge base to help our customers develop an effective, digitized and scalable supply chain while maximizing the potential for future growth. We are supply chain consultants, and our approach is to consult in a way that aims at offering a scalable solution to transform the supply chain and logistics through efficiency and visibility to deliver improved performance and a reduction in operating costs. Our SCM consultancy and professional services include systems integration, supply chain design and optimization, project management and implementation support, and support industry sectors that experience complex supply chains.

Our SCM consultancy arm also has experience designing and implementing optimal material flow, warehouse design and equipment and labour utilization solutions for our customers. We also provide SCM consultancy and professional services in demand forecasting and production and inventory planning to enable our customers to maximize sales with optimal inventories.

POSTED ON September 20, 2022