The Customer

This customer is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of refuse collection vehicles. With an established reputation for supplying quality products that meet the highest expectations in terms of performance, cost and delivery.

The TVS Solution

TVS provided a solution in the form of a Quotation Builder for the customer’s aftermarket support service based off of TVS’ in-house systems.

This benefitted the customer as they no longer had to rely upon their manual quotation process which in turn improved their operational efficiency. As well as this it gave them full traceability and customisation of their quotation process.

Customer Benefits

TVS’ collaborative approach to the customers’ requirements has exceeded expectations. We’ve been able to hugely improve the processes of their aftermarket support service, as well as providing a number of key benefits that complement their operational efficiency.

To read about our full solution for the customer, please download the full case study below. 

Download Full Case Study