Sanjiv (Sanj) commenced his career in Retail management by starting a same-day courier company 30 years ago. Over the years this has transformed and transitioned into a Global spare parts logistics business that operates across Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

The concept of `closed-loop’ was borne over 20 years ago, which combined spares management, final mile transport and endpoint engineer fix. This concept linked with returns management has grown both with existing clients and new clients. The concept of allowing clients to focus on their core business and allow TVS SCS (RICO) to manage their infrastructure, maintenance and repair has now become a necessity for leading organisations. 

Sanj is an experienced Six Sigma practitioner and has a constant focus on the financials of the business. Constant investment in technology and automation is his mantra and has served him well as he has grown the business across the globe with a blue-chip list of clients.