September 29, 2022 | Supply Chain

The global supply chain industry is evolving, with customers requiring faster speed-to-market, end-to-end visibility across multi-modal supply chains. Within the overall supply chain services market, managing operations across multiple demand channels is critical; hence, demand forecasting has gained significant attention.

At TVS SCS, we leverage our long operating history and knowledge base to help our customers develop an effective, digitized and scalable supply chain while maximizing the potential for future growth.

We are supply chain practitioners, and our approach is to consult in a way that aims at offering a scalable solution to transform the supply chain and logistics through efficiency and visibility to deliver improved performance and a reduction in operating costs. Our consultancy and professional services include systems integration, supply chain design and optimization, demand forecasting, project management and implementation support, and support industry sectors that experience complex supply chains.

We provide consultancy and professional services in demand forecasting and production and inventory planning to enable our customers to maximize sales with optimal inventories. Our experience in designing and implementing optimal material flow, warehouse design and equipment and labour utilization solutions for our customers comes in handy while offering Demand Forecasting solutions.

TVS SCS provides specialized solutions to reduce complexity in our customers’ supply chains. We believe that it improves our customers’ competitive advantage as well as enhances their own end-customer experience and revenue predictability. We use technology, data analytics and execution experience to offer key solutions such as accurate demand forecasting, inventory planning and production, procurement management, network optimization, visibility and supply chain agility to handle evolving needs.

Our supply chain technologies and processes are the core of our demand forecasting solutions. With the help of our technology and software systems framework, we build tailor-made solutions for various supply chain activities.

Our digital platforms are primarily cloud-based, powered by a microservice-based architecture, and highly scalable and reliable. This enables us to implement innovative solutions across multiple geographies relatively quickly, deploy an innovative solution developed for one industry, and apply it to other industries to enhance the value we offer our customers. Our technological solutions can be integrated with our customer’s IT infrastructure ensuring long-standing relationship with our customers.

Our in-house Msys platform, which we acquired and developed further, is an innovative technology platform that resolves supply chain complexity using data analytics, standardization, scalability and machine learning (replicability). Msys helps provide the ability to forecast, which we believe captures demand as early as possible throughout the supply chain. It minimizes the inventory, helping reduce cost, optimize lead time, and achieve on-time delivery. Msys also supports integration with third-party supply chain management software solutions such as SAP, Oracle and JDA.

Our predictive analytics and intelligent decision-making add significant value for customers, particularly in industries where seasonality drives high volumes through outbound and inbound logistics processes. We have developed analytics that predicts future surges in demand using a combination of data histories and customer forecasting.

Our demand forecasting technology tools enable us to automate and digitalize supply chains for our customers. We apply technology to each key part of the supply chain to enable three key advantages in traditional supply chains: flexibility, intelligence and efficiency.

POSTED ON September 29, 2022