Imparting the use of Technology and IoT solutions to run an existing operation or modify the operation as necessary is the capability’s core process. With suitable asset tags, scanning systems, and live feed, one can have the insight of the entire transaction from a remote location supported by customised dashboards.

Why Technology-enabled packaging solutions:
Realising that we exist in a world, which is more dynamic and advanced than ever before. That is the scenario as every day passes by, with more technological inventions taking place at an exponential rate. A segment of that is about data-driven operations, having real-time tracking and visibility are crucial to any business today. Technology-enabled packaging solution focuses on improving the supply chain efficiency.

providing visibilty using innovative packaging solutionsto enable operational efficiency

As companies grow the complexity to track assets efficiently decreases, thus the consideration of utilising technology and Internet of Things (IoT) technology such as asset tags, scanning systems, and live feeds can give our clients the insights of the entire transaction of an asset from any location supported by customised dashboards.

As digital transformation is becoming a more prominent part of everyday life, the requirement to understand data is imperative to business success. The focus on data-driven operations to provide real-time tracking and visibility of assets vastly improves the performance of a supply chain. Our technology-based packaging solution is driven by data and provides our clients with visibility and performance benefits.

Any company can invest in technology, but understanding the technology and utilising it to its full potential is where TVS SCS can assist you. We have vast experience in integrating technology into existing supply chain operations using a variety of IoT solutions.

TVS SCS is equipped with manufacturing facilities to ensure the assets are tagged or installed with the tags or trackers correctly and efficiently whilst the assets are being processed. The variety of supply chain models from our clients requires this service to be dynamic. With an in-house, IT team catering to needs such as customised hardware and software requirements are adhered to within business regulations.




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    The benefits of choosing TVS SCS for this service:

    • Experience - Over 100 years’ operating in supply chain.
    • Trust - Work with major brands across the globe.
    • Innovation - Using the latest technology to drive your business forward.
    • Knowledge - Extensive knowledge on packaging solutions.
    • Efficient - Using technology to provide efficiency.
    • Quality - Utilise best-in-class engineering solutions.
    • Data Governance - Good data to provide business intelligence and accurate analytics.
    • Visiblity - Giving our clients a complete end-to-end view of their operations.

    Why TVS SCS?


    Years Of Excellence In Trading And Technology


    Pivotal Supply Chain Solutions To Top Companies In The World


    Warehouse Space, Labour & Technology Anywhere It’s Needed


    Customised Solutions With AI Integrations And Machine Learning

    What innovative packaging solutions do TVS provide?

    • Identify & improve overall Turnaround Time (TaT) of returnable packing equipment.
    • Identifying & improving the space utilisation of the packing equipment & vehicle that moves long haul.
    • Elimination of physical counting of parts in packing equipment & tracking the retention overflow.
    • Complete peace of mind for the customer to track full life & cost cycle of the moving packing equipment
    • Visibility of the real-time location of the assets. in both indoor and outdoor environments
    • Eliminate search time and associated resources.
    • Monitor critical parameters like asset retention, ageing across the supply chain.
    • Minimise and monitor unauthorised movements and misuse of the asset.
    • Better planning of storage space of inbound materials.
    • Real-time visibility of storage space capacity versus Utilisation.
    • Enables structuring and naming of storage in warehouses to eliminate search time.
    • Real-time alerts on unused space.
    • Monitor product-wise space utilisation and space threshold levels.
    • Assign and execute accountability of goods right from the Point of Origin (POO) to the point of use (POU).
    • Identification of unused inventory, elimination of handling damage & physical audit data share.
    • Vertical space utilisation & increased pack density per cubic meter both in storage and transportation.
    • Eliminate the process of managing multiple keys, drivers, and vehicles.
    • Assign and execute accountability to secure the goods right from point of origin to the point of arrival to the point of loading to the point of delivery.
    • Securing the remote trucks and goods from unauthorised access.
    • Get first-hand real-time information about tampering attempts.
    • Assign and execute accountability to access the warehouses and critical areas.
    • The access logs shall be monitored and controlled from the centralised control room.
    • Get first-hand real-time information about tampering attempts.


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    • Smart movement tracking
    • Realtime location services
    • Smart storage solution
    • Universal smart and secured box
    • Smart safety solution for moving goods
    • Smart safety solution for warehousing
    • Identify & Improve Overall Turnaround Time (TAT) of Returnable Packing Equipment
    • Identifying & Improving the Space Utilization of the Packing Equipment & Vehicle that moves in long haul
    • Elimination of Physical counting of Parts in Packing Equipment & Tracking the retention overflow
    • Complete Peace of Mind to Customer to track Full Life & Cost Cycle of the Moving Packing Equipment
    • Visibility of real time location of the Asset in both indoor and outdoor environments
    • Eliminate Search time and associated resources
    • Monitor critical parameters like Asset Retention, Ageing across supply chain
    • Minimize and monitor unauthorized movements and misuse of the Asset
    • Better planning of storage space of inbound materials
    • Real-time visibility of Storage Space Capacity Vs. Utilization
    • Enables Structuring and Naming of Storage in warehouses to eliminate Search time
    • Real-time alerts on Unused Space (space which is not used for a long time)
    • Monitor Product wise Space Utilization and Space Threshold Levels


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