Export-Import Packaging Solutions

Having footprints of customers outside your country? Even with all safety standards in place alongside processes and practices, there is always human interventions in operations involving export shipments, in addition to environmental risks that hangs along with loads taken overseas or through the air. In order to address the concern, TVS SCS provides the right Export packaging solutions. Export packaging solutions comes in with the primary and principal purpose of enabling secure and impregnable shipment until it gets unloaded at the destination.

Most of the export shipments hold high-value products or critical products, which is ensured of safety not just on the aspects of structural integrity but also by looking into the aesthetics of the products.

Export packaging comprises of primary protective packaging inside and tertiary packaging outside. The protective packaging includes VCI, Desiccants, RP oil, bubble wraps, poly sheets, foam, and corrugated inserts, whereas the tertiary packaging includes Pinewood pallets, Wooden crates, corrugated cartons, Expendable steel racks, and expendable plywood boxes. Export Packaging also covers practices like load securing and lashing of Automobiles, Steel Coils, Over Dimensional Cargo, etc. TVS SCS complies with international regulations in terms of labelling, ISPM 15, etc.

Key Highlights of the offered service

  • Focusses immensely on the Engineering aspect - Analyzing the product, then studying the supply chain flow, and then finally stepping into the packaging design, which optimizes the weight vs. volume for cube utilization of container.
  • Enabled with in-house manufacturing units - to build from scratch the required packaging to validating the quality of the Export packaging with a separate team of subject matter expertise. Hence we are able to provide suitable packaging material, which is environment friendly and safeguards the shipment.
  • Years of experience in export packaging - Quality tested for even the additional accessories, which go into the export packaging, right from the bolts, straps, sheets, covers, etc
  • Skilled Workforce - Handles the materials, with necessary equipment and expertise under the sleeve for packing the export shipments with efficient productivity
  • Integrated end to end supply chain of packing - Packing, Loading, Line haul, customs clearance, ocean freight, customs clearance in overseas, and Haulage till end customer is integrated as a package & delivered



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Packaging Types

Pinewood – Crates, pallet collars, pallets, boxes
Popular / Birch plywood – Nail-less boxes, inserts
Corrugation – Carton boxes, inserts fillers
VCI – Bags, Pouches, film layer
Bubble wrap – Wrap
Strap – PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), PP (Polypropylene), Polyester
Composite strap, Steel
A few of our export packaging snaps from different industries are as follows, right from the automotive to the renewable energy sectors.


It means Packaging solution for Export and Import movement of part. Primary purpose is to keep part safe, moisture free during transit. Recently lot of returnable packaging option for EXIM is available

We provide Designing, solutioning, packaging , packing of parts in EXIM qulaity and standard. We also provide tracking mechanism to track part level visibility. We try to integrate with our EXIM Frieght division and try to give E2E solution for customer. Recently we have started returnable packaging too.

Yes we provide returnable packaging solution for EXIM packaging. We do it with proper tracking mechansim and give complete visibility to customer. We have our own Fright division which take care of Customer clearence and movement.

We provide E2E part level tracking through using latest technology like RFID, IOT etc. we also provide live dashboard and reports .

  1. Wood- We provide nailless pine wood packaging which can be used for long period . It is useful when part is very big . it is also used in EXIM packaging a lot
  2. Metal- we provide Standard Foldable metal container and customized too according to requirment. We have inhouse designers and manufacturing unit for same. They are light weight and collapsible to tune to 1:5
  3. Polypropelene- we provide Standard Foldable PP container and customized too according to requirment. We have inhouse designers and manufacturing unit for customized packaging. For standard packaging we have tie up with few biggest standard packaging suppliers. They are light weight and collapsible to tune to 1:5
  4. Dunnages- This are made for keeping part safe during safety. This are made of PP, Textiles, wood, etc


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