We operate Spanish and European Distribution Centres managing our client’s Spare Parts Logistics requirements, covering all the necessary services from receipt, storage, picking, and returns processing. Furthermore, our NDC’s are able to offer further fulfilment requirements ranging from services such as packing, over boxing, kitting on despatch, electronic configuration / customisation on despatch etc.

Intelligent Security Solutions
TVS Supply Chain Solutions offer flexible and intelligent inbound receipting services for stock, including inspection, serial numbering, re-packaging, kitting etc

TVS SCS storage and spare parts warehousing services operate in highly secure environments, which have swipe card access to caged storage areas which are covered with up to the minute CCTV – in some cases we have over 50 CCTV camera’s on a site, with cameras on each aisle to ensure the security of sensitive equipment. Enhanced “Secure Cage” facilities operate a “Cage within a Cage” where these also have additional swipe card access and additional CCTV monitoring that area. 

Swipe card access on Warehouse loading bay door, remote security monitoring, and geo-fencing to highlight any intruder within 20 metres of the external building perimeter are also used to further enhance our security measures.   

All Rico warehouse staff are PES cleared

Flexible Transport Options
Rico offers a full range of transport options from the NDC – Same day Courier, Overnight trunking to FSL, PUDO’s and Repairers using our own trunking. We offer a hybrid solution whereby the Rico trunking network is used to get parts to the nearest Rico warehouse closest to the delivery point and then the “last mile” is run by the local branch Same day courier service. Additionally, we work with 3rd Party overnight carriers for both Domestic and International deliveries such as DHL, TNT, UPS.  Rico has interface input into 16 carrier systems with full real-time tracking updates on each delivery.

As an NDC operation, Rico manages returns processing on behalf of our clients.  This can cover a number of options, including identifying the status of the part against the paperwork, and in some cases identify the physical parts against the electronic report from a customer engineer, visually check that the part returned matches the image of the part, and if not invoke quarantine or non-conforming product processes as necessary, book good, unused items back to stock,  return and hold equipment in defective stock for later repair or disposal; ship items either immediately or delayed to designated repairer, immediately WEEE dispose, and manage WEEE disposal partners.

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